Seth Stick Art


Whacked a recent drawing of Seth on a template to see what it would look like.


I like the colors. Otherwise seems a bit plain. I think it would look better on an all black background.


I like the vectored art. It looks like a young and skinnier Seth, lol. You draw this yourself?


It’s not vectored, was done with a brushpen. And yes.


try with the background the same colour blue as him and change he yellow highlight to a diferent colour. imho.


i will respectively disagree with this. the blue is too bright to take up the whole stick art. it would look super weird with just the black outlines of seth, but i will agree with swapping out the yellow, maybe with a brighter or paler blue. like a baby blue


keep the yellow. it works really well. good contrast and lighting. i agree about the black background.


Vexeling in that case would be the correct term.

At first I thought his index was pointing at the stick, which would have been kinda neat because it makes the picture become a part of the controller rather than being a graphic.

Background is a bit plain for me too, throw in some external graphics that are similar to seth, maybe a giant half a yin-yang stylized the same way you did with seth on his right would cheer things up.

As for the pale yellow conflict, i think it’s fine the way it is it gives a sense of lighting.


It would be if I was just tracing over a photo using a non vector-based app, but it’s original art, so it’s just a drawing I’m afraid.


vexeling is commonly used to trace photos, vexeling is an imitation of vector drawing (which doesn’t have be tracing of a photo), but in bitmap form.


Look mate, it’s just a drawing. I’m not trying to imitate anything. I don’t see the point you are trying to make.


Looks dope to me.


looks cool… seth could be a little buffer however.


I know the real life Bamshew and I can tell you its a brush pen drawing. Its not an imitation of any sort of vector drawing. It seems like your trying to prove him wrong on his own piece of artwork, its pointless.

Nice work on the stick art anyway.


i like the art… what color buttons and stick are you thinking?


It was something I sent to Javits when he was looking to get a stick made for Eddie Lee. Wasn’t for my own personal use.