Seth Strategy

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[details=Spoiler]Seth is a main antagonist of Super Street Fighter 4, and is looking to harness
Ryu’s Satsui no Hado[Surge of Murderous Intent] to create a new super weapon
or something…if you want a good synopsis check out the street fighter wiki.

Anyway Seth takes moves from several fighters, and copies them, albeit each
copied ability is slightly worse than where he got it from. So he’s a swiss
army knife of sorts, he does alot of things, but isn’t excellent in them. His
damage is very low, and he has a stun and stamina rating to match, however the
amount stun he does per combo is massive, and he is explosive on rushdown, his
defensive game is good too. Overall, your going to want to play smart,
switching from offense to defense when needed.[/details]


+Has a Fireball
+Good Defensive game, Stretchy Punch+Teleport/Fireballs give some characters a
really hard time
+His Crossup move, Jumping Hard Kick does massive stun, decent damage/range
+Good Rushdown with his Divekick/Crossup Heavy Kick
+Has a teleport and command grab
+Good Utility for Ultras
+Wall Jump is good for getting out of the corner

-Low stamina, lowest in the game
-Low stun meter as well
-Poor Damage on his combos, he needs meter to do any good damage
-Slow Footspeed

==SF03-Character Specific Stats================================================

Stamina: 800
Stun Meter;900
Average Damage: 160-240
Tier Placement: High Tier

[Sonic Boom]
Iis one of Seth’s main defensive tools. The light punch version is the
slowest, and Heavy Punch is the fastest, and all three versions do the same
damage. EX Sonic Boom is two Sonic Booms that come out shortly after another,
and do less than a single sonic boom seperately. You’ll want to do this from
mid to long range, the recovery on it is similar to Ken’s so using it up close
will proboly get you comboed if they jump over it. As far as combo usage goes,
your best best is to cancel it from a crouching medium kick, but even then your
better off using Shoryuken or Hyakuretsukyaku because of their superior damage/
stun. It’s when you have meter that you start should start using this move, it
deals enough hitstun that you can Focus cancel into a level 2 focus attack,
which will in turn let you continue your combo to deal further damage/stun.
Overall a good move.

Input: QCF+Any punch button

Has the same name as Chun li’s kick but is completly different
otherwise. Seth does a short dash forward and unleashes more than a dozen kicks
for alot of stun, you’l mainly be ending combos with this, more specifically
the Light or Medium Kick versions, Heavy kick is non comboable off of alot of
Seths normals. In the corner you can follow up after this into his Divekick
Combo[Diagonal Jump, /MKx3, /HK], while it’s EX version gives Fireball
invincibility to stop a trigger happy shoto. Overall you’ll only want to use
this move in combos, the recovery on block is just so bad that you shouldn’t
risk mashing it out, because any decent player will combo you into oblivion for

Input:QCB+Any Kick button

Your standard Dragon Punch, use Medium and Heavy Punch Shoryukens as
anti airs, although an anti air Light Punch Shoryuken will let you follow up
with your Divekick Combo. You’ll mainly be want to use this by hit confirming
your standing heavy punch, it’ll be your bread and butter combo ender besides
Hyakuretsukyaku. When you want to keep pressure up close, use Shoryuken, but
if you want to play a more cheesy, defensive Seth, end your combos with

Input:Forward, Down, Down Forward+Punch, can be repeated twice

[Spinning Piledriver]
Almost identical to Zangief’s Command grab in every area
except damage, in that his EX Piledriver does the same damage as Zangief’s
Light Version[Doesn’t make alot of sense, Seth is physically as bulky as Abel
and his command grab is stroger than Zangief’s <_<] Anyway, you can still use
Spinning Piledriver the same way you could with Zangief, on your opponent’s
wakeup, your wakeup ect, only use the Light punch version, it has the most
range. An easy way to use SPD without doing a full 360 motion is by inputing
forward, hitting every direction until you get to Up back, and then hitting
punch. This will allow you to do SDP a bit faster and more importantly without
a jump.

Input: Forward, Down Forward, Down, Down Back, Back, Up Back+Punch

[Yoga Teleport]
Teleport used to get out of sticky situations. It has good
recovery, but there is a small window in which Seth is left vurnerable to
attack after the teleport. Other than that Seth’s Yoga teleport is inferior
to Dhalsim’s in every way, you can’t use it in the air the recovery is very
slightly longer ect. Use this when your getting hammered at close range, or on
wakeup to get away and rethink your situation. OVerall this move still works
pretty well with the stretchy punch normal, just not as well as it does with

Input: Forward, Down, Down Forward+Punch/Kick OR
Back, Down Down Back+Punch/Kick

[Tanden Storm]
A super version of Tanden Engine that sucks fighters from farther away, and
hits them for about 350 damage-it’ll also eat all projectiles on it’s startup.
But that’s where the positives end with this move, it will almost never combo
the way you want it to, in that 4 or more of it’s hits will miss for whatever
reason if you don’t use it alone. Tanden Storm will also flat out miss
sometimes as an anti-air, or it’ll hit once and the other fighter will fall out
leaving you very open to get owned by a full combo. This move can also
sometimes come out during the 2nd SRK motion if you do it too quickly, which
can be annoying if you’re losing. Overall Tanden Storm is Seth’s only bad move,
it’s a waste of meter, don’t use it unless you’re showboating.

Input: Double QCF+Punch

[Tanden Engine]
Used to pull opponent toward you, light sucks you in from the
least distance, and heavy the most. this move works really well as a combo
extender, it doesn’t count as a hit in your combo so damage scaling doesnt
affect it. Tanden Engine also draws the other fighter in as closely as possible
allowing you to do some pretty sick things[that will be covered in the combo
section], but all this comes at a cost. The priority this move has is pretty
low, meaning you can’t throw it out whenver, and that you can only properly
combo it off of a few normals that in turn are limited combowise. EX Tanden
Engine has some increased priority and can pull people out of the air, but it
costs 2 EX Bars, which can be better spent.

Input: QCB+Punch

[Tanden Stream]
His Ultra 1, it’s main use is to shut down fireball games because of it’s speed
and priority overall almost everything. Use it during the other fighter’s move
and watch them get sucked in and spit back out against the screen for a
dazzling 200 damage! If you couldn’t tell I’m being sarcastic, this move does
around the same damage as a combo, but this ultra’s main use is to shut down
the other payer and give them that psychological fear that you’ll activate your
ultra to punish anything they do. As far as combos go only crouching Hard Punch
will let you connect with this, but you by and large have much better combo
options than Tanden Stream to use after this, so only do it if you want to
show off.

Input: Double QCF+All three Punches

[Tanden Typhoon]
Tanden Typhoon is a great ultra if you want to play a more offensive game.
You can Focus Attack, Dash Cancel into it, and combo it after your
Hyakuretsukyaku in the corner, can be used as an anti air, and even does more
damafe than your Ultra 1. However this move, if blocked, isn’t nearly as safe
as Tanden Stream, and I guarentee that you’ll be violently comboed if it is.
It’s really a toss up between which ultra to use, I personally use Tanden
Typhoon because I play a pure rushdown style, but if you play defensively, or
like to have a bit of insurance if you’re losing, than pick Tanden Stream.

Input: Double QCB+All three Punches

[Seth’s Kara Canceling Ability]
Seth can Kara Cancel from Far Standing Heavy Kick and Standing Medium Punch.
This is done by Pressing either Medium Punch or Heavy Kick, and then by hitting
a special or grab quickly after. This in turn extends the range of that Special
or grab by varying degrees, in this case it’s by a very very small amount. Kara
canceling with Seth only propels him a very short distance forward, so it’s not
really worth going for unless you can get it off consistantly, but worth
mentioning none the less.

Core Normals

[details=Spoiler] These are Normals that you’ll see yourself using alot, they usually have good
range, damage, are safe ect.
1]Jumping Heavy Kick-Is your main crossup tool, does beastly stun, good range.
2]Jumping Medium Punch-When Used as an air to air, it allows you to follow up
with your DiveKick Combo, or Shoryuken.
3]Divekick Combo-Allows you to end you bread and butter combos with that extra
bit of damage and stun.
4]Close Standing Heavy Punch-Good in combos, you’ll be hit confirming this
along with crouching Light Punch to land any and all of your specials.[Also
forces the opponent into a standing position on hit, which really doesn’t
mean as much for Seth as it does to Ken]
5]Standing Heavy Punch-Dhalsim’s stretchy arm punch. Good for zoning/turtling
when coupled with his Dragon Punch and Sonic Boom.
6]Neutral Jumping Heavy Punch/Back Jumping Heavy Punch-See 5
7]Standing Medium Kick- Very good poke, has decent range and does good damage.
It’s also safe on block
8]Close Standing Heavy Kick-Good Stun and is comboable, very similar to Ryu’s
Step Punch and Akuma’s Double Roundhouse in principle.
9]crouching Heavy Punch-Sets you up to juggle with all of you specials/ultras/
normals. The startup is a little bit slow, so don’t throw it out raw very often
10]crouching Medium Kick-Has decent poking ability, just not as Godlike as the
shoto crouching Medium Kick. It’s also super cancelable, and is what you’ll be
going for to land your Sonic Booms.[/details]

General Strategy

[details=Spoiler]Street Fighter, as others have put it before, is like a boxing match that
relies heavily on near perfect execution. There are different strategies for
different situations, and being good or even average at the game means being
able to adapt to new situations. Seth thankfully has the right tools to help
him in alot of situations, whether it be on offense or defense.
[Offense/Before Knockdown]
At the start of the match your going to want to pressure the other fighter
alot with close-to-the-ground Divekicks and your Light SPD. Land your SPD by
using a few crouching Light Punches to give the other fighter the idea that
you’re starting a blokstring. When they recover from the block stun, quickly
use SPD, if you’re successful, you’ll have scored a bit of damage, meter, and
an untechable knockdown, which puts you in a very good position to jump in
with your divekick and continue pressure, or attempt to crossup with Jumping
Heavy Kick to land a combo. Either way, you’ll be put into two more situations,
one where the opponent is still trying to block, or one where you’re scoring
[After the Knockdown, Still Blocking]
In the case that the other fighter is still blocking, apply the same pressure
as before, but mix it up this time with regular throws, and completing your
blockstrings. Good blockstrings with lots of normals in them like crLKx2, crLP,
crMP put you at a reasonably safe distance where you’re out of DP range but
still close enough to continue applying pressure-train the oppoenet to expect
these blockstrings, then start going for the SPD’s again, and then regular
throws. Try to be fairly random after a while, it’s pretty easy to find a
pattern in a player’s style, so don’t go for a certain strategy too much.
With your regular throws, try to push them into the corner with the back
version of it. Seth’s back throw moves the fighter across the screen, where
they’re closer to a corner-and your pressure tactic are several times more
effective there. when you get them in the corner, you can continue to pressure
them with some Jump in Headstomps, the cool thing about them is that you can
cancel into any normal after each stomp, more importantly your Divekick and
Crossup Heavy Kick. Use the crossup Heavy Kick after the first or second
headstomp, but delay it a bit so the other fighter has a chance to let up their
guard, if they do so, you have a perfect opprotunity to combo them, and if they
STILL block, then you can pressure em some more with a blockstrig ect.
[After the Knockdown, got off a combo]
Good for you, you got off a combo! now you only need a bajillion more to kill
the guy! But seriously, you’re going to have to keep the momentum going…Word
on the block is ending your combos with Shoryukens puts you in an ideal
position to rushdown the other guy…Dashing under them while they fall down is
a good way to confuse them into blocking wrong or foolishly trying to DP. The
Shoryuken also leaves you fairly close to the other fighter, meaning you can
still apply that offensive pressure with your Divekick and Hard Kick strategy.
It helps to jump in with Hard Kick, but not crossup with it, this may result in
them blocking wrong, which is another free combo-which you should again end
with a Shoryuken if they aren’t close to stun.
As you start getting them closer to the corner, it’s okay to start using
Hyakuretsukyaku, Hyakuretsukyaku is already a move that pushes the fighter
towards the corner, so ending combos with it at about 3/4’s across the stage
should put you and them close enough together that you can continue offensive
pressure. Once you HIT the corner, only end your combo in Hyakuretsukyaku, one
of these successfully landed in the corner will allow you to follow up with
your Divekick Combo[Three Headstomps, Divekick]or Tanden Typhoon for extra
damage in stun. Your Divekick combo is preferred because it offers great
opprotunities for additional corner pressure, but if using Tanden Typhoom will
win you the fight, then by all means use that instead.
[Defense-Keeping them away]
Perhaps you’re facing a character with even better rushdown/mixups than you,
[Akuma, Ken ect.]and you want to keep them out of your face? Good, Seth can do
THAT too. From mid range, Seth has solid pokes in Standing Far Medium Kick, and
crouching Medium Kick. They both are safe on hit, and are fairly safe on block,
and the latter is special cancelable, which means if you hit with it, you’re
guarenteed a free Sonic Boom or Hyakuretsukyaku, both of which will leave you
at a fair distance away from the other guy, which is where you want to be.
The highlight of Seth’s zoning game though is his Dhalsim esque Stretchy Punch,
it easily “outstretches” every other poke in the game other than Dhalsim’s own
Stretchy Punch. Use it in conjunction with Sonic Boom and your Teleport to keep
them where you want, the aerial version counts as an overhead so keep that in
mind…not much else to say about his defensive game, it’s pretty simple, but
gets the job done really well.[It should be noted that a well timed ground
Stretchy Punch will give you the ability to duck under fireballs]
When the other guy jumps at you, you have a couple of simple, effective ways to
anti air them. Shoryuken is the most obvious, more specifically the Heavy
version, it offers the most priority and is the least likely to trafe of the
three. Light is an option as well, one of these hitting as an anti-air means
that you can juggle into your Divekick Combo/Ultra 2-Medium is the least
spectacular of the three, don’t use it at all. EX Shoryuken offers
Invincibility frames which almost guarentees an anti air, so keep that in mind
as well. Close Standing Heavy Punch is a copy Paste of Guile’s anti-air punch,
except that it comes out a Frame or 2 quick if I recall correctly, use this as
well but keep the spacing right, it’s possible that a stretchy Punch could come
out instead, which can be bad.[/details]


[details=Spoiler]Below is a legend for notations that I’ll be using for coding the combos. Why
ise one of these you ask? Simply because I Dont feel like typing out Light Kick
a million times…
LP-Light Punch
MP-Medium Punch
HP-Heavy Punch
LK-Light Kick
MK-Medium Kick
HK-Heavy Kick
crLP-Crouching Light Punch
crMP-Crouching Medium Punch
crHP-Crouching Heavy Punch
crLK-Crouching Light Kick
crMK-Crouching Medium Kick
crHK-Crouching Heavy Kick
FADC-Focus Attack Dash Cancel
Here’s a list of combos that I made up, note that this isn’t a list of all of
Seth’s combos, just some ones I thought were useful/cool looking. They also
aren’t in any particular order, but more practical, easier ones are closer to
the top, but the 30 hit+ ones are near the bottom
1]crLK, crLP, crLP, crMP, Hyakuretsukyaku
2]crLK, crLP, HP, Heavy Shoryuken
3]crHP, Light Shoryuken, Divekick Combo

4]Crossup HK, crLK, crLP, crMP, Hyakuretsukyaku
5]Crossup HK, crLP, HP, Heavy Shoryuken
6]crLKX2, LP, crMK, Sonic Boom
7]Jumping HP, crLP, crMP, Hyakuretsukyaku
8]crHP, Jumping MP, EX Shoryuken, EX Tanden Engine, crHP, Jumping MP,
EX Shoryuken
9]Focus Attack, Tanden Engine, crLKX2, LP, crMK, Sonic Boom, Focus Attack,
Tanden Engine, crLK, LK, LP, crMK, Sonic Boom, Focus Attack, Tanden Engine,
crLKx2, LP, crMP, Hyakuretsukyaku, Divekick Combo
10]Focus Attack, Tanden Engine, crLKX2, LP, crMK, Sonic Boom, Focus Attack,
Tanden Engine, crHP, Light Sonic Boom, FADC, Tanden Typhoon
11]crLK, crLP, HP, Sonic Boom, Focus Attack, Tanden Engine, crLKX2, LP, crMK,
Sonic Boom, Focus Attack, Tanden Engine, HK, crLP, crMP, Hyakuretsukyaku
12]crLK, crLP, HP, EX Shoryuken, EX Tanden Engine, crLK, LK, LP, crMK,
Hyakuretsukyaku, Tanden Typhoon
13]crLK, crLP, HP, Sonic Boom, Focus Attack, Tanden Engine, crLKX2, LP, crMK,
Sonic Boom, Focus Attack, Taden Engine, crouching Heavy Punch, Light Shoryuken,
Divekick Combo
14]crLK, crLP, HP, EX Sonic Boom, Focus Attack, Tanden Engine, crLP, HP,
EX Shoryuken[/details]
AGAIN I DO NOT OWN THIS the owner has given me permission to post this here his psn:MYsticBrohan

Update the Stamina and Stun. He has 800 Hp 900 stun now.

I’m pretty sure Seths booms have a bigger hitbox than Guiles.

ibuki can neck breaker under seths sonic boom without using EX

i mean wide… though yeah, Seths is slightly higher, i know the Shoto’s can’t tatsu over it. Didn’t know Ibuki can on-EX under it though, i’ll have to remember that.

yea your right Seth Guile

Is combo 8) working outside of the corner ?

Yes, combo 8 can be done midscreen.

A few gripes with this “guide” I’ll leave unmentioned, but I will say: What, no mention of using s.HK or s.MP as combo starters?

Because the original version of this guide was actually written over a year ago, quite a few things about Seth weren’t known all too well.

it isn’t too hard to figure out why nobody mentions as a combo starter. the start up is nice compared to cr.HP, but it has a tendency to do a partial whiff on quite a few characters if they aren’t engined in first. furthermore, was actually a different move when this was written.

(edit #224: for reference, cst.MP used to be 7f of start up, 0 on block and +3 on hit, giving it the same uses cst.MK currently has.)

If theres anything i need to change let me know.I dropped seth.

yeah that makes sense I guess. oh and I found out you’re from Corvallis when I saw you quoted me in my alerts section. I’m from Eugene. you ever come this way on weekends or anything? We have a decent scene here, but it’s been laying dormant for a little while.

Well yeah even I have problems landing it sometimes, but the potential for application makes it worth trying in my opinion. it’s great for after resets because you’re doing more guaranteed damage off of the mix-up, right from the start, and it gives you further capacity for applying pressure if you don’t want to try for a combo afterward. There are other great reasons why people should s.HK, and I think people need to really analyze why they do certain combos over others, even if it’s a matter of execution preference.

I wish I could head out there, but due to my current circumstances I’m without transportation :[
When I get that all fixed up I’ll try and find my way out there eventually :wink: