Seth, the new flowcart ken?

Thats right. After going against better judgement i decided to play online,and what a fuckin mess ae has become.If I dont end up playing a Yun or Yang, i get to play against a flowchart Seth.It makes me sick how braindead most of the community is that they flock to Seth after seeing Poongko use him. Anyways just thought Id share that.But anyways 3rd strike cant come soon enough.:woot: FUCK AE.

explain a flowchart seth, i don’t run into many seths on psn, maybe one a day if im lucky and they have good mix ups and combo well.

dont think you can “flowchart” seth. he takes too much damage for scrubs to abuse anything. dont think I ever lost to any seth online before. then again I barely played. maybe 10-12 seth players alltogether.

Flowchart Seth? :rofl: Bandwagons happen, It’ll die off soon when most realize all the things they saw at EVO, they can’t pull off. :rofl:

Well a flowchart seth is basically a seth player that mashes dp…wanna know why? Because they saw Poongko do it, but thats just Poongko,hes known for having really good reads and his abilitity to hit dp at the right time…but these new breed of flowcharts are like a flowchart ken times 10,because not only do they multiple dps they also get a command grab. Im really suprised you guys havent ran into them yet. Im sure itll happen though.and when it does be prepared for dp fest.and dash command grab allday.

See the thing is. Ken could be called flowchart because everything returned to DP regardless of situation(even if the opponent was on the other side of the stage and hadouken was better) that was the joke. If you have Seths spamming DPs AND command grabs you can’t really make the same joke.

k…just wait until you play one. and like i said this is like a flowchart ken times 10…dont know if you read that or not…but if you did you would realize that what you said is stupid.

Seth players are a lot bolder in AE than they were in Super. Mainly because of the loss of Yoga Sniper, they have to close in and take more risks. This will lead to a lot more dragon punches being tossed around but at the same time when I fight against Seths I know that I’m going to make them reget those DPs…a LOT. Seth’s just lucky he got the stun buff to help compensate for his newfound agression.

i laugh at online seth players lol

soon to be closed, i have never seen many seths online.

seth is kinda BS tho, hes got so many options, but he really isnt that bad… i consider seth legit, hes just a little on the bs side with his guessing game, im not a fan of guessing, a game should take skill.

Most of these Seths are terrible, they think mashing dp when they get within reach and FADCing them makes them Poongko. Whatever though it’ll die down, Seth isn’t a basic character at all, his mix-ups require a lot of skill against strong opponents and ofcourse his health plays a big role which scrubs won’t be able to overcome just like that.

Kind of agree with CharlieMurphy though, I dislike this recent trend (since sf4 series) with these type of characters, like Seth, Viper, and El Fuerte.

It’s hardly flowchart… i mean you may as well say

“I hate these flowchart sims all they do is keep you out with Stand Fierce & Back Roundhouse.”

Seths SRK is easily the best in the game, timed right it can beat (some) EX moves, as well as doing two (FADC’able) hits making it also beat focus. Seth also gains meter incredibly fast when pressuring, in which an SRK to FADC allows you to continue pressure. this coupled with the command throw allows for a two move mixup game.

It’s like bitching about Seths using their best option. His footsies are below par, his long range game is nowhere near as good as it was, & he still has the propensity to die to one ultra & one combo.

If you’re talking about SRK’s on Seths wake-up… then i don’t know what to say, his SRK’s have bad recovery & hopefully you’re punishing with more than just a sweep/throw. Frankly I’d rather just teleport or block & save the meter for when my opponent is close to Stun. They should probably reduce the meter gain on his Stomp/Dive kicks though

A flowchart is someone who does the same move over again, and are predictable like reading a graph. I suck, but I can beat anyone doing the same thing over again. Ill never understand the flowchart whiners, or the people who relate success to “tier whoring”. Or the internet.

It’s apparent that you didn’t get the flowchart Ken joke in the first place. It’s not just about mashing DPs.

the latter of what you’re describing isnt a flowchart. its easy to tell a good seth from a bad one. the stuff you said at the end sounds like they have closed the distance and put you in a mix-up situation hence the spd. thats what seth wants / has to do, he cant just sit around and play footsies with you, the trade offs are not favourable to him. way before evo, ive always thought seth was BS, those dps are nothing new, the good players do them all the time. when you realize you cant beat them, they switch to SPD. yeah poongko is by far the best seth, but a lot of good seth’s have always existed who take gambles. i understand the character but i totally hate him

Once they get that mixup going it can get crazy so many options

when i play against Seth online. I will just block 80% the time. it does look like showchart ken sometimes.

I get blown up by good and bad players alike, I wish there was a flow chart or something I could actually rely on.

Seth’s pretty mediocre, relatively speaking. Try laming it out with Seth and you’ll lose. So you have to get in their face with Seth. Which is kind of like trying to get in the opponents face with Sagat, except you don’t have Tiger Knee, your fireball sucks, oh and one footsie buffered into special is 30%. Somehow you get in though (usually because almost everyone makes a big mistake at some point.) Congratulations! Now you can hit confirm them away from you, push them towards the corner, and do it again. Or you can try to SPD for 130 and get some mix ups going. Let’s pretend you took the SPD route. Provided they didn’t
A) do an invincible reversal
B) empty jump
C) backdash
…and pound your ass into the ground, you have just gained some momentum! Now you can safe jump into low or command grab. A lot of people say Seth’s cross ups are ambiguous - well, a lot of people are dumb too. Here’s the secret: look at his feet. He walks forward? It’s gonna cross up. He doesn’t? It won’t. Dive kick? Gonna cross up maybe once every thirty years, don’t worry about it. So Seth is going to make his opponent guess between a command grab or a low. Some people think instant overhead is a threat, but since it doesn’t combo into anything, you probably shouldn’t be thinking about it (especially since it’s suicidal against half the cast.)

Let’s just cut the thing right fucking here: a command grab or a low. Seth has meter? Ok, now you can’t mash your way out.


It’s 130 damage and 200 stun. Seth is about as scary as a bee. He will sting you if you fuck with him. If you don’t, you will not have a problem. Here, I even wrote a game plan for your character!

Shoto: Hadouken non-stop until Seth has meter. Then play footsies. AA every jump in. Fucked up? Just wait. Block the barrage of attacks and the constant Tanden Engine. Get hit by DP FADC Command grab one or two times. Then just fucking do it. Mash whatever the hell you have that is invincible once you build that meter. Worst case, you’ve got Seth off of you. Best case, he’s down 70% and he can’t threaten you. Oh, and if you’re Sagat, you can still throw plasma when Seth has meter at some ranges.

Dive kick crew: Dive kick some more. Go crazy, that DP is invulnerable for 7f but it starts up in 5 so you can do whatever the fuck you want once you get your game going. Make sure you use your OS to keep Seth from running away.

Grappler: Find a way in. It will be hard, sorry. But your chances look very good once you finally get in. Just block the booms, quit trying to jump in. Unless you’re Zangief with Ultra 2. Then you can jump in…sometimes. Be wary of the meter on both characters.

Keep away from me: Play your game. Accept that you did something stupid if you let Seth get in, because chances are, you’re going to have a hard time getting him off.

Poke em: Switch to keep away oriented poking style.

Nah, Seth’s pretty decent in AE, I’m just salty today. Fuck whoever thinks he doesn’t need Ultra 1 back though.

meh^^ seth can get in way easier than sagat. you make it sound like his limited offensively, when infact he has the most options in the game to get in. also the most mixups. theory fighter, yeah its easy to analyze but play a good seth then find out the hard way. 5f start up dp isnt exactly slow. if that dive kick is so easy to block why was poongko hitting everyone in the face with either it or the cross up yesterday? i dont want capcom to nerf him, dont worry, but i think he’s BS. i agree its wise to block but just blocking against seth is not going to help you. thats what the player wants lol, its easier to mind fu** that way

Can’t wait for the threads about flowchart Chun-Li’s when 3SO drops in a few days. “God all they do is crouch MK Super, so scrubby!”