Seth turned me into a new SF fanatic

When I initially picked up SF4 for the XBox, I didn’t expect it to become my favorite game. I’d always loved fighting games, but never felt so strongly as I’ve come to value SF 4. Strangely, its been the playing of Seth on XBox Live that has done this. I’m a complete novice at this point. I’ve never been to a tournament…yet. I’m still relatively light on some lingo. When I first started playing it, the easy-not easiest-computer beat the shit out me. I’ve since improved drastically. But I came here as a way of essentially connecting to other Seth mains, hence the purpose of this forum, I suppose.

I believe Seth as a character has a lot of potential. He simply has so many options. I think given his low health, he’s actually fairly well balanced. But when I do win with him I know it feels awesome. But after completely dominating a match or round with an opponent I’ve received hate messages, but we know better don’t we Seth fans. I think there’s a certain psychology driving that. Also, I’m a huge Watchman fan and I’d heard that they actually designed him in some part after Dr. Manhattan. How fucking cool is that? If that’s true.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello.

“Become a part of me…” I think I may just have…

Random things about myself:

I’m have some difficulty in getting his 4th hard trial down.

Some of my favorite tactics with him are usually a mixture of zoning and fake-outs. I like to faux rush, teleport, and come up with hp. shoryukens behind. Other favorites are wall jump hk (crossup if possible), cr. mk (or cr. mp), QCB mk and if they corner then stomps.

I feel my game is fairly rudimentary at this point, but I want to become better. Feel free to message me on Xbox Live for a player match. I love to learn and I don’t mind eating losses until I get something right.


motions you to be quiet


I guess I expected more cordiality from this community. I suppose I was wrong.


Hey there, welcome to the Seth forums.

What is Seth’s 4th trial again? Maybe I can help you with it.

If they really designed Seth partially to be like Mr. Manhattan, that’s pretty badass.

Hit me up on XBL if you want.

Ignore mister “I’m a premium member so I’m the king of the castle”. Most people here are pretty nice.

Hey guess what?

Fuck you.

Hopefully he didn’t leave for good. =/

That really sux if he did but then again I keep forgetting to check the threads I post in. I’m new here as well and am used to having a “My Forums” link at for easier checking up on participated threads. I don’t like email notifications ugh.

Anyway I’ve been maining Fei for over 3k matches…and outta the blue I just started getting into Seth. For one thing I love that he has the challenge of playing with the lowest health bar…but that just makes the initial beginnings of using him easily dissuading to those that don’t actually study him deeply enough. He’s the sickest boss I’ve ever seen in all my days in fighting games. Sometimes I wish there was a Shang Tsung type of character that could be transformed briefly into any character…imagine the fadc possibilities into an entirely different character’s combo string. But Seth is still sick as is.

Anyway if you’re reading this OP shoot me a msg on xbox 360, gt: Brek Lee for sparring & combo idea sharing.

I don’t think Sheng Tsung ever had the ability to continue combos while transforming. He was still a beast though. I’d say SF4 and MK3 are my favorite fighting games with Killer Instinct at 3rd.

Also if you’ve ever played World Heroes, or Power Moves, there are characters that look strangely similar to Seth except no yin yang abs.

Brabdnon, welcome to the Seth forum. If you want to introduce yourself or have any basic questions about SF4 or Seth, please read through the appropriate threads before asking. I’m sure you’ll find whatever you need here.

That said, I’m closing this thread. Nothing personal.