Seth user at about 1000 matches lokin for pointers

Hey all. New to the site but Im lookin for somone that’s pretty good with seth to maybe use somone other than seth against me just so they can point out my bad habits and such. Feel like I’ve plateaued in my championship class a bit cause I’m having problems with Saget and Ken when I never used to along with Bison who I’ve always had troubles with.

Anyway It’s Zchwarzenegger on Xbox live, add me if you wanna have a few matches.

Wish I found this site when the game came out Arg!

I would be totally down for that, my Gamertag is Leraider, add me.

I have a bit of experience with almost every character, so I can play who you want.

Cool, anyone but Seth cause I’ve only encountered one mirror match lol.




u guys havent been on =[ but I added u also Saikyo

Hey Zchwarzenegger! Glad to see you made it on here!

It twas’ a good mirror match indeed.

Ran out of money for my XBL account =[

GT is Mista Klutch if you wanna spar.

iRecreate, gamertag. Send invite if you catch me on.

Messaged you today, you didn’t respond =[

Well Mista Klutch pretty much had his way with me lol only beat his Gouken once! bah! lol

N my net was bein crappy that day chef I still wanna fight ya.

If we ever do fight, which characters should I use?