Seth Video Thread



Here’s a decent Seth player I found on YT-

Dunno 'bout this guy, he NEVER does the Ultra when he has the chance, but he plays a good keep away Seth-

Anyone seen any other matches on Youtube or Nico?


is cr.fp safe with seth? in the first video the seth does it A LOT and never gets punished for it.


He was using it at times the opponent was facing away or couldn’t punish it for some reason. The cr HP is very slow. I mostly use it after a jump in HK. If I teleport behind someone I usually do HP into HP shoryu because st HP comes out much quicker.

Seth can combo his jumping 2 hit MP into 3 head stops + dive kick.

I guess it could be useful iff you’re out of range for LP shoryu, I dunno.


I guess the Bison player just didn’t know how to punish it (Bison isn’t exactly the reversal punishing king, after all). cr.Fierce is probably crazy unsafe, but you can cancel any hit into a Teleport to make it safe anyway.


Here’s another match on Youtube with some interesting Seth stuff like a set-up of sorts for his SPD-


I don’t know, I don’t see enough mix up of gameplay styles in any of those videos which is seth’s strong point cause it throws people off greatly. Not enough teleport abuse, not enough mix ups, not enough wake up grabs and so on. Just plain not enough random.


Well, random is really cool when you have a bunch of high damage mixups at your disposal and a regular amount of health. Seth doesn’t have those. Trying stupid shit like wakeup grab when the opponent is just gonna kill you in 5 hits is a really bad idea…that’s why keepaway is probably best.


My bad, I ment reversal grabs. Sure you die in 5 hits but if you are scared of it that much why play as Seth in the first place. When I say random I don’t literaly mean do what the hell ever. I mean have a list of 3 things against a given situation. For example a jumping foe.

At the start of his jump teleport behind him to cancle his jumping plans while you start up another list of choices.

Wait and just do a shoryuken.

Teleport backwards so he lands near you but out of throw range.

Or meet him in the air with a or j.fp

To viewers and the person playing it will look completely random as long as you never repeat yourself more than a few times and gives you the mental edge in the fight. Seth has tools that make him flat out broken think of him like that and play him like that. Sure it takes him 5x as many hits to win and he dies in 5 hits himself. But honest he avoids dmg the best while at the same time lands hits th easiest .


A few more Seth matches from the same player A_Rival, don’t like how his opposition performs though unless they know something about Seth that well at least I don’t :stuck_out_tongue:


He did alot better in the last video, but he was still being to predictable overall, that akuma should of shoryuken the hell out of him for over half that match


all those vids were wack


Ya, those seths are terribly bad. Ill go out of my way and record some this weekend.


A_Rival is the only good one in the bunch.


A_Rival is good but he never use the trippe uppercut on his way up. He also never use the 7-hit-combo uppercuts(ex-move)


Casual match.


You’re Seth ain’t so bad :tup:
I’ll agree with the fact that he has a Teleport, Projectile and Command Grab, I myself have been hoping for such a character like that since RB2 Geese.


Well its actually not my match, but that seth player didnt looked bad and at all there are very few seth matches on youtube, so i thought i should post it.





this Seth is all right I guess.


hey i everyone i have a nice treat for you guys im new to the forums and i wanted to contribute. so here, i think you guys will enjoy this. its a crazy korean player a real inspiration to all seth players .:lovin::lovin::lovin: