Seths Alt 3

Any pics of it yet? I know it’s basically a robot seth but I’ve only seen glimpses of it in the trailer.

The one on the far left.

Seth gets no love and doesn’t get artwork like these.

This really could have been asked in the Q&A thread.

Where is his suit.

Removed along side with his J.Hp, teleport speed, ultra through fireball (The most wtf nerf) * Sad Face *.

I can guarantee you everyone will be using his new robotic suit.

People whine now… but they’ll use it. Being a fan of Armored Core, I actually like the way it looks. Specially those pistons coming out of the lower end of the pectorals (aka, long nipples).

He looks good, and different. Which goes along with how he’ll play: differently.

^Yeah, that’s true.

I’ll keep using and 08

After peeled banana Seth and Hades Seth, they couldn’t give him a decent alt the third time around huh?

Oh well, plain Seth is still the best Seth, I love color 4 and 10.

They should have made it more streamlined; kind of like Ironman. Those tubes (the nipples) and the thick armor don’t seem to fit such a quick moving character. I suppose that this is what the prototype of Seth looked like. Hopefully he gets different colors than the other costumes. I’ve wanted a black color and a neutral gray for a while. I’ll probably just stick to alt 1 color 12 though.

Lol at quick moving

That’s what I was thinking.

He has legs so powerful he can spring full screen of a wall and kick so fast you can’t see his legs, but when it comes to walking they are useless.

Stupid baby steps.

I understand what xlxlxl said though, he should have a much more… aerodynamic design in his robot-form.

He looks sort of Steampunk-ish like this. Which is also cool i guess.

EDIT: Robo-seth should be more like instead of

Luckily it comes with Bisons alt so I’ll get it regardless.

seth is now the terminator

his new alt looks good

That shit’s ugly, and lol at Sagat with hair.

all they did on sagat was put on a mopp on his head

but Seth looks like a fucking beast

this alt 3 and vanilla seth=mentall overload on the scrubs

I like it actually. Saw someone on Eventhubs saying he looks kind of like a Hellghast. I see the similarities.

I guess I spoke too soon on it…

lol at Sagat with hair. Fuck you Samba Queen Blanka.

After seeing the final product…I kinda like it.

Early pics made it look like he would have Madonna like boobs.

Anybody remember Basewars? Seth looks like he belongs in that.