Seth's crazy combo

I want to know Seth’s combo/mixup. the one that kazunoko and poongko use. That stuff is invincible! Please post if you know it.


Sure man.


[details=Spoiler]It’s :uf:,:hk:,:d:+:lp:,:hp:xx:srk::hp:FADC,:u::d:+:mk:x3,:d:+:hk:,:f::f:,:d:+:lk:,:d:+:lp:,:hp:xx:srk::hp:FADC


But really, ask here
Or check this thread his combos haven’t changed much other than the damage and stun values.

Well first what you want to do is do a mixup. Then afterwards, think of what they really are trying to counter. Think REALLY hard about what they want to do, what they feel they should do within the next 5 seconds. Then think of a counter for what they are doing. Now do that. From there it’s rinse and repeat.