Seth's Request Thread

ok im taking requests:

-must have over 10 post in order to request

-nothing crazy

-MUST supply picture or give detailed discreption


-i’ll do human av’s but i dont like them

-i’ll do animated av’s as well but remember the shoryuken byte size (its not big)<-------------i dont want to have to stress that.

-i’ll do anything except wallpapers

-i love doing non animated, artistic av’s


thats it!

how do u post up your work…i cant figure that out…the only thing i know how to do is attach:confused:

go to or put your work on there then save the url then go on here and click the img tag put the url in the blank and blam.

ya…i already figured it out…but thanx anyways:p

i’ll help u out seth… GET THE FVCK OUT OF HERE U SPAMMERS!!!. heh, anways…uh can u give me an avatar with the attachment. Try doing some airbrush for the bg, if u cant then just do what u think can fit it. Have it really colorful:p

thank you AzN InK, i’ll get started right now:)

ofcourse im going to doit over but still tell me what you think of this one:

o shit, i like it hahaha. was just what i had in mind when i asked for nice and colorful aka sezure. All i’d ask is to take out the japanese letters… there japanese right?

glad you like it, here’s the one with out the japanese letters:

any requests.

who would?..J/P…anyways why did you keep bothering me for that av you wanted and then when i made it after you didn’t even wear it whats up with that huh?..


its because i had got photoshop the same day and i couldn’t wait to try out one of my av’s. hey if i didn’t know how to make av’s for shit i’d be wearing your’s but sence im getting real good at this avatar thing im going to be wearing my own for now…sorry if i hurt your feelings<----------i really mean that:o

hurt my feelings haha no man,im no girl here,just curious…hmmm alright thats ok.

ok as long as everything is cool:cool:

damn seth you have really been using imageready you already know how to do better animations than me good work man youve comne a long way from av whore keep it up and maybe ill request one of these days im still feeling heartache so iwear this av to honor my feelings so maybe another day peace out man

kekekke, i guess i finally get to change my av for a while. thnx.

Good stuff. Graffiti style and color looks extra nice.

thanks for the props guys:p …im still taking request

I am no longer in training:D

who was trainin you???