Seth's Request Thread

its not so much as training as it was practice, so basiclly i was just playing around in adobe imageready and photoshop for like a week and HAY! now im nice with it:cool:

yo Seth. think you can make me a av of Ayumi?
two things. use this picture and don’t make the bg dark or messy.:cool:

we’ve thought the stuff u made is great cause its a great improvement from what u used to be. u still have allot to learn. I never consider myself not “training” or learning new things even if i make some nice things. Just keep at it it, and u’ll get really good. btw, thnx for the av.

im not to good with human av’s so bare with me

Seth. oh I’m sorry. you must have missed my pm. I want a Ayumi av not Utada. think you can make a new one? please?

give me a pic of ayumi and i’ll do it tomorrow

Seth. I was going to pm you but your box is full. on the Utada av can you move her to the center of the av and change the font? anything easy to read but not gay looking. can you do that with the Utada av? please?
if you have the time can you go head and make me the Ayumi av too? here’s Ayumi pic if you’ll make that av too. I really like what I see so far so I hope you’ll do this.:cool:

ok man, i’ll have it all tomorrow

ok, thanks.:slight_smile:

You see my awesome av? Well Seth the Main Man made it 4 me, so if u like what u see, post here. L8r ppl.

Nice work Seth, nice work…indeed. :cool:

hey blue i’ll half to do your av’s on saturday…i didn’t know i was going to get home this late.

ok. take all the time you need.:cool:

ummmm…can u make me an av with sent? i like it all fancy and like futuristic lol thx…

you’ll get it late night on saturday

here you go drunken:

Blue- im still working on yours


thanks sentinal av kicks ass, nice work seth.:cool:

here you go blue.let me know if you want something changed:

can you make it stop flashing? and don’t change Ayu’s face at all. other than that it’s great.:cool:

is this good