Seth's SSF4 costume



Link from eventhubs.

Jesus talk about lazy. Seems like all they did was Rayman’d him and added flames. Why no suit alt? that woudlve been pimpin.

Also I didnt know which thread to post this in so I put it both here and in the SSF4 seth discussion page.


Yep, Krusty the clown Seth looks awful, but then so do 90% of the new alt costumes. Capcom have really been scraping the bottom of the ideas barrel this time round.


There is only so much you can do you a naked man though


You can clothe him.


Once again i find myself being the only person who loves that look…i would have thought different here on the Seth subforum…i didn’t buy a single alt pack for SFIV because i didn’t see the point. Now i’d probably dish out money to get my hands on just this one…also it would give me a nice answer to french complainers “Seth is broken!” “yep! alt number 2 baby!” =P


I like the look.

Also, You don’t really want the suit. Suit=Super Silly Short Sleeves every time he does a stretchy move.


I mean I’d think he would just have a technically advanced suit that would stretch with him.


I thoroughly enjoyed this response.

Edit: Why do people hate his new alt? His limbs are on FIRE! Meaning he’s a Molotov Cocktail of Pain!


I mean people have WANTED the suit I think forever, so I think that’s really the big issue. Also it is another “damaged” appearance, which are kind of lame anyway, and something we already have a few of in the game.


hopefully one of his alternate colours will make those flames bright yellow, so he can be TA-DAH, SUPER SAIYAN SETH!!!11 :cool:

… seriously though, I would have preferred the suit he wore in his cinematics :frowning:


Worst alt. costume I’ve seen. And what’s up with Bison’s? It looks like a cheap pre-90’s action figure.



It’s so bad it makes chun-li’s look almost decent.


So are we saying that Seth is made out of ectoplasm?


Wasn’t there a pic of what looked like Urien in Famitsu? I figured that was gonna be his alt.


More like:



Me likey.


actually that would be dope.


I was hoping to see some interesting use of colours. Or a suit.

I’ll be buying this though, better than Alt1.


Seth with his business suit on like in the cut scenes?

very respectable.