Seth's Unblockable Ultra

Earlier today, Desora put up a video of Sagat guardbreaking Ryu with his Ultra. A couple hours later, I came up with a couple of setups that apply to Seth. Here’s Henaki’s video of the glitch:


You can find more information about the glitch itself in the main SF4 forum. What I’m going to do here is list a couple of setups that work, as well as any possible ways for the cast to escape.

Note: The glitch appears not to work when the opponent quickstands no matter how perfect your timing is.

Setup 1: midscreen backthrow, Strong Sonic Boom, wait a bit, Ultra.
Setup 2: midscreen Legs BNB combo, Jab Sonic Boom, confirm that the opponent didn’t quickstand, Ultra.
Setup 3: midscreen SPD, wait a bit, Jab Sonic Boom, Ultra.

I’m sure there are corner variations of these two setups.

Now for character-specific escapes:

Fei - Roundhouse Chicken (Seth can bait this and do the ultra later.)
Cammy - EX Knuckle (Seth is safe, can probably punish.)
Akuma - DP+KKK teleport (Akuma can possibly super or ultra demon after.)
Gouken - counter (Seth is safe.), EX Demon Flip (Seth is NOT safe.)
Dhalsim - teleport
Blanka - EX Rainbow (Seth might not be able to block.), command backhop (eats the boom in midair)
Chun-Li - EX Hazanshu (Seth is safe.), backdash (eats the boom in midair)
Ryu - EX DP (Seth can punish.), backdash (eats the boom in midair)
Honda - backdash (eats the boom in midair)
Zangief - backdash (eats the boom in midair)
Guile - He’s screwed!
Ken - Strong DP (Seth is safe, can maybe punish Ken.)
Seth - Ultra (Both Seths whiff.), teleport
Bison - EX Headstomp, EX Devil Reverse, backdash (eats the boom in midair)
Sagat - He’s screwed!
Balrog - backdash (eats the boom in midair), EX Rush XX Ultra (HITS SETH FULLY, EASY TO DO.)
Vega - backflip (Seth can bait this and do the ultra later.)
Abel - EX Roll (Can likely punish Seth after the roll.) (Abel’s kara Ultra still loses to Seth’s Ultra.)
Viper - backdash (eats the boom in midair)
Rufus - EX Snake Strike (Seth is safe, can probably punish Rufus.)
Fuerte - backdash (eats the boom in midair), EX Guac (can possibly RSF after starting with Run)
Sakura - She’s screwed!
Rose - backdash (eats the boom in midair)
Dan - EX DP (Seth is safe, maybe Seth can punish)
Gen - EX Oga (Seth eats a free Ultra.)

hopefully i’ll do this tomorrow at L.A. Riots

Good luck! I’ll watch as much as I can of it.

To be honest I’m more worried about sagat doing this than seth. A sonic boom mitigated seth ultra does what … 3 damage? :razzy:

Seriously though the only time I could see this being useful is if the opponent is in range to be killed by it.

The timing is pretty specific. i had no trouble pulling out Ken’s or Rose’s, since the fireball and the fadcs set it up quite easily, but the timing on this one is pretty hard (for me at least)

EDIT: The SPD setup is a lot easier for some reason. Still, question: The Ultra Flash has to hit on the exact frame when the opponent gets up/hit by the Boom, right?

Kanta-Kun, yes.

i don’t think they gonna stream this one…

but I’ll Record Myself and post them up ASAP!!

thanks though

Thanks Jinrai.

This is a nice addition to Seth’s bag of tricks.

I assume this is a really good thing to do after a long stun combo? Especially on Guile, who you can stun with one combo.

Seth 4 Life…good stuff Jinrai

Seems like I’m getting the backthrow one a lot more than the SPD one, either way I’m pretty sure the SPD one is much more viable…

I think it’s literally, the frame RIGHT BEFORE block animation. If you Ultra and you see the opponent block, you did it to late. If you Ultra and you see/hear them get hit, then you did it right obviously assuming the fireball is somewhat “on” the character.

Also, I’ve been more successful with LP Sonic Boom into Ultra since you can time LP Sonic Boom exactly after the backthrow. Even if you did the motion a little early, the game remembers the input and spits out the boom the second you’re done with the backthrow. That way you just have to worry about the Ultra timing which you should input right before the boom hits. Since you don’t have to worry about timing the MP Sonic Boom AND Ultra, I think the midscreen backthrow, immediately into Jab Sonic Boom, wait a bit, Ultra works better for me. I’ve only tested it on Boxer so far though.

EDIT: Found this Seth Forum picture interesting

I did some quick testing as well, results posted here:

I believe you can escape with Seth’s EX SRK as well, at least if the SB is done as early as possible. And Xenozip, some characters can backdash and only eat the boom. And I think everyone can if the SB is closer to seth when you activate the ultra.

Well according to the list, Ryu should be able to backdash and eat the boom. When I tested it using backthrow into MP-Boom, Ryu could not. He’d actually get hit by both, but it’d hit him grounded so he wouldn’t reset and avoid the ultra as with what happens in the Rose setup (Ryu gets reset by Spark in her setup).

I don’t know if it’s just how I timed it, or if it was because of my range from the corner, but I can guarantee you that I was backdashing with Ryu and it hit him with both anyway.

It’s probably different depending on how you time the SB. Guile will get hit by the SB in the air it’s timed so it hits meady a little closer to Seth, but he will be hit by the ultra and shot into the SB if you time the SB so it hits meaty as far away as possible. Try having Zangief backdash. Also, Abel can use a normal roll to escape this?

Hehe, yeah I’m sure it’s timing/range/etc. But I’m a little tired of testing stuff for a char I don’t use in a game I don’t play, lol, sorry!

Doopliss, Seth can also escape using a Strong or Fierce DP, not just an EX one. Not terribly advisable since the trapping Seth could just bait the DP and do the Ultra later. Teleport is your best bet in mirror matches.

I actually didn’t try Abel’s normal roll, just the EX one.


Another weird thing I discovered is: If Balrog does Armor cancel ultra, and makes the first punch an upper, he will be hit by Seths ultra.