Setting the pace/Approaching



I’m starting off as a novice Sakura player and the biggest problem I’m having is primarily footsies with her. As I understand Sakura is pretty reliant on meter,setting the pace early and playing a good footsie and poke game with her seems to be pretty important I think. I need to know how to get in with her, what buttons are useful for footsies, and if I just need to be patient,etc. Can any experts on the subject help me improve?

New to Sakura, not to SF4
#2 xx dp is a good way to get in from counter pokes also mixing in j.hp and air tatsus can also be good to get in but don’t rely on these too much otherwise you will be way to predictable and get AA’d all day.

against zoners hk tatsu can be a good way to get through the fb’s but if you rely on it too much they will anticipate it and have a dp waiting for you. ex tatsu is another good tool to get in also gives you +4 on block ex otoshi is also nice to use against zone happy players when full screen.

i also like to walk forward a bit to make them push a button and ex dp i only ever do this with 3 bars though sometimes i will do it with out 3 bars if im feeling it. is great from max distance, is another great poke, is decent, walkup jab is also good.

hope that helps you out buddy also try and watch lots of high level sakura vids on youtube and pickup on stuff they do.

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