Setting tweaks for better online play

Does anyone do anything special to their PS3/360 to play STHD/SF4 to play better? I know that port forwarding is supposed to help things with torrenting on a computer, so I was wondering if the same can be said for consoles playing better. Also, does assigning a static IP address on your console help? I did a little tweaking of my own with the network settings with static IP, but I don’t know if it actually does anything beneficial. I read somewhere that calling your IP provider and upgrading to a static IP helps greatly, but I am not too sure about spending more money for something I am not well versed in. Any tips would be nice and helpful so we can all play better online SF.

On a PC, it helps quite a bit to configure your max MTU value. However, I have no idea how you could do this (or if it’s even possible) on a console.

Setting my max mtu decreased my ping by about 20 ms in games like COD4

I think consoles do have that as changeable option, but I am not very familiar on what settings to change it to or how it works.

I don;t know about other router’s firmware but I am using DD-WRT on my Linksys WRT54GL and there is an option to prioritize bandwidth on a specific MAC/IP Address.

what is the average download and upload for online gaming? mine is around 4mb download and 2mb for upload. is this normal?

No, there’s not really anything you can do to improve the netplay quality on consoles except to make sure the ports needed to game are open (which only improves you ability to connect, not online quality).

Changing your MTU size hasn’t been necessary since the Windows 98 days.

And typical bandwidth usage for gaming is TINY. Like less than 25k/sec. So giant up/download speeds really don’t do much.

Prioritizing traffic can help IF you’re running other bandwith-intensive shit while playing. Like somebody running torrents, downloading or streaming TV/music on the computer while you’re playing on the console, etc. Prioritizing by MAC address is okay but priority by protocol or port number would be even better.

So as long as you can connect to the network (PSN or Live) then you don’t need to do port forwarding?

And what does “smoothing” do for HDR?

Just place your xbox or PS3 into a DMZ via your router. This will open all “ports” and ensure that it’s getting the most out of your internet connection.