Setting up a big screen for Tournament play

Hey, I’m planning a tournament for some time in the next three months and I want to set up a big screen (probably a projector) for people to view top 8/exhibition matches on. Does anyone know a good way of getting games (from xbox 360 and wii) up on the big screen, while the players are on a smaller, lagless TV off to the side?

Do I need to buy a TV with video/audio output, or is there an easier way?


Just get some RCA cable splitters like these:

Then hook one side to the TV and another to the projector. Still completely lagless on the TV. It’s how we setup a recent tournament (pic here: ) and it worked great (even split the video 3-way in order to record the matches on a laptop).

Sweet, thanks for the help. That looks sick.

If you’re doing high-def though you’ll want a component splitter instead. They’re a bit more expensive, but not much.