Setting up a team

Right now I’m really enjoying Spiral / Doom. Does that sound like a solid team so far? If so, what third character do you guys think would compliment them? Right now I’m just switching off between B.B. Hood and Dhalsim simply because I think they’re both cool characters.

Think of Spiral like a battery, and think of Doom as someone you don’t want to drain super meter unless absolutely necessary.

That being said, you may want to switch Sentinel for Doom (Doom is fun, and his corner infinite is very fun once you get it down).

Now think of someone who can burn meter, and when it comes to that it’s hard to think of something better than Cable anti-air assist.

Try Cable or other good AAs.

Your team is begging for someone to use that meter, and that someone is Strider!

Doom can burn meter really well. Chip with supers all day.
Add blackheart or sentinal and you’re set. I might opt for blackheart for AAA abilities.