Setting up kaillera server

hey ive setup a kaillera server 0.86 BUT when i try connect to it i get the following :

Connecting to
server replied
server protocol mismatch or other error

ive asked some one to do it so i think maybe they left port at default [he said 28999]
trying default i get

Connecting to
server replied
logging in… [ stays here]

you dont have enough ports forwarded to run the official server
that port, default = 27888 is for making connection requests only. Once you make a connection request, server gives you another port to negotiate your login and ping user info and gameplay etc. And its pretty much allocated by system.

thanks alot 7046 :slight_smile:

its not actually my server but i forwarded on the advice to the guy and he said
"If you find out the range of ports needed I’ll open them, I only opened 27888"

is their a default range or does it just need the next one i.e 27889 ?

thanks :confused:

Its hard coded to specify 0 which forces winsock to randomly allocate but internally, it uses some sort of global counter that counts upwards. It assumes a really low value when your system is booted up initially and counts up as more and more ports are allocated. Your best options would be setting up DMZ with a large range of ports or use emulinker but as you know that server’s keyframe matchmixing is incomplete.

If you use Emulinker, you can forward the ports as follows:

Your initial Port#

Your initial Port# + 1 to Your initial Port# + 1 + Max Users + extra ports

So for example if your initial port# is 27888 and your max users is 20…
You would forward 27888
Then the range 27889 to 27909
Then an extra 10 ports or whatever incases your server ever becomes full and you, the admin, want to join: 27910 to 27920

These are all UDP ports.

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thanks all, i rather not use emulinker, il try looking into DMZ.
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There won’t be anyway to know for sure on the stock server, so like 0746 said, forward a wide range of UDP ports.

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