Setting up UMK3 in MAME

I know UMK3 isn’t as popular on SRK, but I was wondering if someone had a guide to getting UMK3 working with MAME, preferably online. I’m not sure which version to use or how to configure it beyond that, so any help or useful links would be appreciated.


btw we don’t talk about roms on this website

Ummm, we can TALK about roms, we just can’t PROVIDE them, this being said look at BERB’s posts on the first page of this thread

I didn’t even know I posted in that thread…wooowww…

EDIT: I can PM port forwarding software if you’d like… learning to do it or doing it yourself is a pain in the ass… I know how to do it myself thanks to the Internets… but I’d just rather not…