Settings for the old EVO monitor for general gaming use?

I’m using a new ASUS VH236H 23 Inch monitor. I connect my 360 to it via HDMI.

I set my XBox to 720p and play SFIV and KOFXIII on it and they look great. I do notice some jaggies around the edges of sprites/models but I have to actually look for it. As far as I can tell there’s no input lag, which I am pretty sensitive too. My 1f links are coming out fine. I usually have it set to Game Mode to reassure whoever’s using my setup, but I don’t think it makes a difference.

Then I try to pop in something like Final Fantasy XIII and it looks like absolute crap. It’s pixellated to all hell. Other games aren’t much better. I try to mess with the settings on both the XBox (changing resolution) and monitor (changing sharpness) but nothing seems to help. At best, I can make the XBox’s firmware/overlay look better and sharper, but that’s about it.

So does anyone know what the problem is? What are you settings, on your monitor and console, for gaming?

Keep in mind even under high resolution sprites will always have some jagged edges. Sprites are bitmap images and are created from pixels.
Having some jagged edges is normal. Seeing this jagged edges are the results of having a clear image, as a SD screen would blur this, as well as any in game details and text.

As Far as Final Fantasy XIII is concern the Xbox 360 version of the game is visually crap compared to it’s PS3 counterpart. This also holds to for alot of games on both consoles.
And it is most likely because FFXIII was originally meant for the PS3 and was ported over to the Xbox 360 where the hardware was not fully capable to generate the same visuals. So FFXIII took a visual performance hit for its Xbox 360 release. Same thing is true for Both Batman games, and the Assassin Creed Series.

If you are connected via HDMI you should set your resolution to the native res of the monitor which is 1080p aka 1920x1080

I understand that the 360 version has worse graphics and such, but I don’ think that’s it. That’s a problem that would show itself in the models, special effects, etc, not the video quality. I’ll have a shot of my party standing around, and they’ll appear fuzzy, kind of pixelated, during their idle animations, as almost as if I’m watching a low-quality stream video. I WISH my FFXIII looked as nearly good as the 360 version in your video from 1Up.

It also isn’t just FFXIII. It looks similarly bad when playing Shadows of the Damned. There’s a certain flash of light before the final boss of the game that looks especially bad on this monitor. Man, I wish I had more non-fighters to test this stuff with, and that I could take screenshots to show you guys…

I know that KOFXIII’s sprites being jagged is normal; they’re not quite 720p, actually, so they’re kind of stretched, even tho the backgrounds look fine in 720p. This isn’t just 2D games that it looks bad with. The XBox’s GUI looks a little fuzzy with rounded, non-straight lines in the letters, and the models of 3D games looks pretty fuzzy and pixelated.

If someone could tell me there exact settings for their XBox and their monitor for playing video games, it’d be much appreciated. If I could replicate someone’s settings perfectly, I would have reason to believe it’s the HDMI cable. It was cheap…

Thank you. I generally play fighters with the 360 set to 720p (I hear they don’t make fighters in 1080p), and switch to 1080p for other games.

Didn’t think of that, good point. You always want to go with the native settings.
The edges the OP was referring too could be aliasing artifacts making the normal edges of the pixels from sprites more apparent.

Aliasing artifacts created by the monitor trying to scale 720p to 1080p, as LCD screens can only display there native resolution, so a lower resolution image has to be up or down scaled to the correct size.

Person-Man If you can, and your using HDMI set your Xbox 360 to 1080p.
Also HDMI cables for the most part all the same, do not be suckered by the $80 to $120 Monster cables Best buy sells. It is a waste of money. Its the El-cheapo HDMI cables from the local Dollar store that would effect quality. There is a difference in HDMI v1.2 and v1.3, 1.3 does add networking.

I bought a $2 1.5 foot HDMI cable from And I’m afraid that I already tried 1080p, it really doesn’t make a difference no matter what resolution.

Again, if anyone else uses HDMI with their ASUS VH236H monitor and it works fine, it’d be much appreciated if you told me your settings on your console and monitor. Then I’ll be able to narrow down to the problem.

I’ve been considering buying that monitor actually…however if it’s as rough as you say it is, I’m a tad unsure.

Well, apparently it’s not supposed to be like this. This thing was designed to be a gaming monitor so something has to be up.

I just have the 360 set to 1080p when using HDMI into the monitor. What monitor settings are you referring to?

I think HDMI 1.3b also added 3D support. And truthfully cheapo cables have no difference in quality either, its a digital cable it works or it doesn’t there’s no interference or anything like that. The cheapo cables can however break easier. Just buy cables at they are cheap, nice, and come in many colors and lengths.

The “game mode” on the VH236H really just adjusts color settings, it doesn’t change any input lag-affecting things. It may just be the nature of the games, I just went 1080p on 360, hooked up to monitor, and done.

Im thinking of buying this monitor very soon and I will be hooking up my 360 to it with an hdmi cable. Is this the best setup if your going for no input lag?

Im sorry when it comes to this kinda stuff I know nothing really but im just trying to find a moniter to play fighting games on with no or little lag. This VH236H. was recommended so does it do the job?

I really want to be sure before I buy this monitor. I will be buying this monitor 2 weeks from now at

Unless there is a better place to buy it.

Putting it through HDMI will be fine because the display does not suffer post-processing input lag from its HDMI.

Settings wise, just look through profiles and see what looks best. You can then tinker with settings around that profile.
No mode on this monitor affects input lag.