Settle a Bet, Win Me About Tree-Fitty

rounds last 99 seconds right? theres no slow counter? seconds don’t last longer then they should.

an OFFLINE round last 99 seconds at THEE MOST. He thinks that the seconds are off and its like 110 seconds or something.

Couldn’t you just use a watch to confirm this instead of making a new thread about it?

need proof he doesnt have ssf4 right now so i need you guys to tell him whats up.

You’re Charlie Fucking Murphy. Do work.

Beyond 99 seconds, there’s infinite (no time). Tell your chap that’s what’s up.

havent got work since dave quit.

seems legit.

game time is same as real time

thanx, i want comments calling him stupid though.

your friend should uninstall and kill himself

yea, he should, hes such a stupid retarded kid.

now he owes me an indie game and i cant find a way to get it from him.

indie game suk

Seconds are off in Marvel, not SF. Tell your buddy to get a watch or stare at a clock or… something.

You aint gettin no tree fitty u damn loch ness monsta.