Settling a discussion can someone tell me if these people are any good (please feel free to move to general discission)

They obviously have some skill as they got to finals in a tournament. I don’t know what you mean by “any good.” Good in regard to what standard?

I don’t play MvC3 at all, but of matches I’ve watched that one definitely was pretty bad…lots of dropped combos, random supers, etc. It seemed like the Amaterasu player was better, but I’m sure nerves and tiredness probably reflected a lot on both their performances.

If I’m being honest, I started to fall asleep listening to them.

i mean justin wong good, because my friends says their some the best, i think that he’s fake along with the fact that these guys play like me.

I’ll be honest and say this:
I don’t even play Marvel 3, and I will say the sheer level of pressure that the “best” players put on each other and their ability to defend against it is superior to this.

It looked like they were really sloppy, and another thing… wtf at the commentator?

First of all, SRK is not your personal army. Secondly these dudes drop way too much to see top 16 at a major. Anyone who says otherwise is an asshole. Tanaka (or whatever it was) is clearly the better player, but as a shit Magnus player, even I can look and say his is garbage. He could probably run shit on me all day, but his Magnus is ass. Regardless, neither of these dudes would make it close to the tops of a major. Clearly they’re better than the rest in their area since they made it to the GF, but they aren’t on some legit pro status shit.

The commentators were horrible…they should be banned from tournamants.


no I’m not pro at MvC3, yes I would say Tanaka is the better player (and probably better than people talking shit on him), yes there was HELLA horrible sloppy dropped shit going on, and the vid is 3 months old so I’d like to think we’ve gotten a little better since then anyway

And as mentioned before, “good” is a pretty relative term if you’re looking to settle an argument

The trick to being clever in commentary is to try not to be funny; be spontaneous and don’t think you’re Yipes.