Setups after Ultra 1



I am going to a major soon, and I need some setups after activating ultra 1, usually I improvise but I need something more solid like
-Sweep or backthrow, ultra 1, dash forward meaty cr MP anywhere on screen

Do you guys have more ideas like safe cross ups after a forward throw or something


backthrow, activate FSE then immediatly without delay / is a safejump
This setup has a total of 49f. backthrow is 47f. Sweep is 45f so it should work too, I would like to test it but I’m not at home right now

I also have this one written:
corner f throw, activate FSE, jump,

I remember hotaru showing OS U1 in safejumps on Bison. Using the few FSE invulnerable frames to whiff his ex psychocrusher/headstomp.

Then you have this corner unblockable but you will crossup and push the opponant outside of corner:
forward throw corner, nj.something, FSE(buffed in the landing recovery),
j.LK for Makoto, j.MK for Yun/Yang, on Sakura/Hakan it doesn’t cross-up (blockable) but lands behind. This needs more testing for others chars. works on sakura

A few others I have written down, but I never tried them:
fw throw > activate > dash > EX Fuhajin > dash > MP xx Sekku.
fw throw > activate > dash > EX Fuhajin xx FADC > j.MK (cross-up) is fun to use but costs 3 bars.

Let me know if you test or found out something.


Tested on fei long
backthrow, sweep activate FSE then immediatly without delay / is a safejump - WORKS
corner f throw, activate FSE, jump, - WORKS

fw throw > activate > dash > EX Fuhajin > dash > MP xx Sekku. Too far
But fw throw > activate > dash > EX Fuhajin > dash > cr MK, the ex fuhajin to cr Mk is a block string, but the opponent can mash DP on wakeup and beat you and your fireball.

fw throw > activate > dash > EX Fuhajin xx FADC > j.MK (cross-up) Doesn’t cross up, but I think its worth trying sometimes, its ambiguous because the fireball push them away
forward throw corner, nj.something, FSE(buffed in the landing recovery), - I don’t know if I am doing it wrong but the aerial whiffs everytime

Thanks for the ideas, I will try some setups based on these


(fw throw > activate > dash > EX Fuhajin > dash > MP xx Sekku) it actually works as a setup if the person isn’t doing anything on wake up, its just you got to make the right choice to do it or going for a different setup.
**(fw throw > activate > dash > EX Fuhajin > dash > cr MK) **again same as above its not safe to wake up attacks, but it can catch players that are back dashing.
**(fw throw > activate > dash > EX Fuhajin xx FADC > j.MK (cross-up)) **I believe that its also character specific again for this to work.
(forward throw corner, nj.something, FSE(buffed in the landing recovery), i think its just better to just U1 after the throw and then charge a lk fireball and then go for the

(too many people like to either jump away or people tend to backdash and it forces it so juri dashes alot more than she needs to, even with the large space she can cover with her forward dash.

my favorite setup i love doing is on a CR.MP (anti air on a jump in) is - on hit go into ultra1 immediately then forward dash and based off timing its an ambiguous set up to where she will appear either forward or back. From there i like to just go > > Continue ur BnB U1 Combo OR sekku cancel the and go for resets :3

ill post other setups later im currently in class and its bout to end xD


Cr MP anti air into ultra is very fun!
Started using this after reading your post


I have a lot of other setups i wanted to mention too, i just havent yet cause I’ve been busy with school :confused: but i’ll leave another here for now :3 I really know more about people’s setups after an actual FSE combo (aka the follow up after the first initial hit/combo). I usually end a regular FSE combo with a l.pinwheel(unless a m/h/ex.pinwheel can end the game) and then go for a far into overhead>>>>lk/mk/hk.fuhajin store. After the hard knock down fuhajin charge i tend to just go a crossup) close, overhead(unless the crossup and close hits then finish the combo or just do the overhead and follow up again) from there the options are at a huge range.

From overhead (with no fuhajin stored)>>>close/far (the close/far is character specific sadly :/)>if close> cr.hp>lk/hk.pinwheel (lk for another mix up or HK) OR >if far>lk/hk.pinwheel(hk pinwheel is hard/connect to hit :[ so i tend to never do it i just know it works on specific characters)>>>>fuhajin store

From overhead (with a store only):
close>fuhajin release>far> overhead (the options of resets <3)
close>fuhajin release>>fuhaijn store (rinse wash do ur mix ups again)
close>fuhajin release>>hk/ex.pinwheel
close>fuhajin release>>hk.pinwheel>FADC>s/>s/>overhead (my most common choice)

With MK/HK fuhajin store is really situational if i ever charge those 2 fuhajins i dont go for i usually:
fuhajin release>dash>far>overhead> "please insert a Juri FSE COMBO here"
again this is completely situational and its 100% it works they can block/focus/and backdash.(you can catch backdash with pinwheel but it sucks if you completely miss a pinwheel)****

Juri to me is littereally like a marvel character imo in FSE cause of all the guessing u force an opponent to do w/ all the choices to block up or down.Plus the anti air juggles! I seriously also wish i could just make a video and just post it here to demonstrate it all (unless is there already one? too lazy to check im just another random juri player from norcal :3 )

Another thing i hate about FSE tho is people like to just run away afterward (backdash, jumping, or focus) and its hard to control what you do during a situation. Any suggestions? so far i know on backdash u can catch it with pinwheel, i know on focus if they dont backdash they can hurt you with a level 2 so just do your>>etcetcetc and it should work. If they do backdash based off characters again forward dash can work and appear behind them again(this is the same for people so like to back jump) i usually get messed up during neutral jumps and get locked out from my FSE properties. Forward jumps, i get locked out sometimes and if not i just

Please if i messed up anywhere let me know! i wanna learn more!


Can’t focus fse consistently.

If they jump backwards, you can dash after them. That’s why it’s there. If you can predict a second jump a second dash and a will tag them. Or j.strong.

Or let them jump back. They’ll corner themselves. If you cant convert, be patient. It’s a boost ultra, with no harm to you I you don’t get damage. Don’t look at it as a comeback factor rather than a buff.

Dont kill yourself because you were hasty.


Oh and after overheads, use scmp. Easier to link and does more damage. Know your distance though. Don’t want far strong to come out.


I’m surprised no one has said, activate, cl.hp, far mk (reset), lk store, release, fadc, into low,overhead,

-from that low you go into your fse bnb or go for corner carry that is if you are midscreen.
-overhead you go for, cr.hp, (corner carry with whatever is available i.e. meter available or an lk fuhajin stored.
-after the cross up mk go immediately for an overhead. They could be reset if they are trying to jump away, you could get reversaled but there is always that risk with fse. But you get your typical mindgames from this stuff.