Setups/Mixups/General Tech thread



The place for, well, what the title says. Meaty setups, safe jumps, resets, mixups, character specific combos/technology, etc. Let’s try to compile it all in one place.

Here is some assorted stuff I’ve collected. I will update this periodically.

Safe Jump:
[*]Off CC Sweep - Whiff St. HK, neutral jump HK

[]After a connected jumping MP, if they backroll, doing grounded LK Tatsu just before they land looks extremely ambiguous and can leave you either side depending on your timing.
]After target combo xx V-Trigger in the corner, jab into forward dash can leave you on either side depending on if you hold forward after the dash or not.

Meaty Setup:
[]Off EX Hadoken - Dash Dash MP hits meaty on quick stand and Dash Dash St. HK hits meaty on backroll.
]Off forward throw - F. HP hits meaty on quick stand
[*]Off HK Tatsu - Immediate axe kick


[*]Punish EX DP with counter hit neutral jump HK into F. HP into huge damage. Very difficult, jump HK must hit very deep.

Edit 4/8/16: Added forward throw and HK tatsu meaty setups. Added Ken tech


Thanks for this! Still so much to get my noob head around


By the way, if anyone knows how to do those spoiler tags that would be very helpful


great info! thanks


Ok, I’m really bad but I think I figured out some meaty tech I haven’t seen here or in the meaty video:

After HK Tatsu, if you axe kick immediately and they didn’t quick rise – wiff CR.short, cr.MP seems to hit meaty, counter hitting 3f jabs.

Maybe someone who understands frame data better can confirm is this is actually a true meaty or not. I did a bunch of reps vs comp and I’m pretty sure.


On a similar note, if you forward throw, wiff solar plexus (they didn’t quick rise), I think wiff St.jab, sweep hits meaty, crush counters 3f jabs.

Can someone confirm?


You don’t use sweep as a meaty. It’s punishable on block if they just …block.

The meaty you want after a whiff solar plexus is a back HK because it’s probably his best manually timed meaty, in fact it’s just one of the best meatys in the entire game.

EDIT: Meant Back HK not S.HK


I actually dislike using st. HK as a meaty. There are frames when they wake up where they are standing but they can be canceled into a crouching attack. If they wake up with low jab or low short or crouching anything they can beat it clean, sort defeating the point of the meaty.


I mean back HK, not the Crush Counter button, I’ll edit that in. Yeah, you would never use St.HK as a meaty it’s rubbish and not meant for that.


B.HK is just so used, especially against moves that travel towards you.