Setups v 2.0 (was there ever a 1.0?)

I haven’t slept in 40 hours so sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, as I am slowly beginning to forget most of what I’m about to post. I just wanna do something to stay active while listening to all that’s left.

Anyhow, on to the setups. Basically, the main setup I learned and would like to share is the following. Sorry if this is old, but I read the other threads and couldn’t find anything along these lines.
With Necro, you wanna get them in the corner and then either throw them or do b+fierce if they jump. If you decide to throw, the most obvious is to do strong to keep the pressure and reset the whole setup. If b+fierce hits, you can opt for db+fierce, then jab to reset the situation…I forget if the UO hits after that, but that’s an option and then link into super. This also works after a normal combo juggle that ends in b+strong to reset them back on their feet. So something like, b+forward into strong tornado hook, then super cancel into electric snake, and then b+strong…UO them as meaty and then super again…I guess. Most likely thing to do after that combo is to jab denpa, then db+fierce, and either jab or strong depending on character. You can from here make a guessing game like UO into combo, or walk up and then either high-low guessing game, or throw, or just bait out a parry. After low short into jab tornado hook, you can tack on a b+strong to reset and do UO or walk up and do all those guessing games again. When it all adds up, basically all you need is one combo plus one combo with super in it to stun, and then stun combo. There are certain character specific combos you can do, like on makoto, you can do
(db+fierce, b+strong) x n 'til the juggle limit is reached.
On remy you can stun after 2 throws/b+fierces in the corner with db+fierce, b+forward and stun combo added in for fun. If you decide to do that jab after the db+fierce after the jab denpa after the electric snake combo, you can cancel the jab into another jab denpa making it whiff if not stunned and have it hit if stunned. If not stunned, then after the whiffed jab denpa, you can walk up and do guessing games, or you can walk up a bit, and do low jab into super if you know they’re gonna jump. Another setup is to instead of doing a jab denpa is to do a fierce version and keep mashing the buttons to make it longer, therefore making it hit the opponent as they get flip. Then you can cancel into super. The thing is they won’t know which version you do, so it’s quite deadly. I guess this is what makes Necro deadly in the corner. Anyhow, my crappy flowchart:

any combo into electric snake in corner so…
b+forward xx strong tornado hook xx electric snake, jab denpa, db+fierce, jab and then
1)UO -> combo or super (also works after something like
low short xx jab tornado hook, b+strong)
2)walk forward and force guessing games like throw, bait a parry,
hi-low attack into combo, b+fierce if they jump
3)cancel into jab denpa whiff, walk forward a tad, and then
low jab xx super
4)cancel into fierce version denpa, mash buttons to keep it
out there to hit them and cancel into super
Another thing I’ve been trying out but haven’t quite mastered yet is doing a b+strong after the db+fierce in a juggle combo. This basically involved nudging forward a bit and it key to performing the 100% combos Necro has on certain characters.
I’m trying to find holes in this setup. Any criticism appreciated. (why am I even in Necro thread? I don’t even play him! oh well)

what are his best corner combos when opponent is stunned?

In all cases when stunned in the corner I just s.lp->s.lp->db+hp.

Then after that juggle: taunt->hp tornado->b+mk->strong tornado->electric snake->jab electric->db+hp.

NeREMIXED, you can juggle them with 4 standing LP before hitting them with db+FP

What shortshortsuper posted is pretty much how I play. I like to reset them and keep the pressure on them. It’s flashier too. :smiley:

to Thongboy Bebop: I guess that’s another way to play, me personally, I like keeping the pressure on them and doing it so they don’t have room to breath, and no time to think either. By playing this way, you’re basically giving them no chance to think about the guessing game, and I don’t know if this is major but their stun doesn’t go down faster if they’re on the ground for 10 sec? (little exaggeration)
I’ve seen this too with Ken vs. Makoto matches where the Makoto player gets in on a crossup and does a command grab setup, and “theoretically” the Ken player can just DP, but the thing is there’s no time to see it coming so most likely they try to jump and that’s when you get them. At least even with a hit confirmed dash punch, they have time to rest a bit to try and think about doing the next thing (they’re all "oh, I got hit by a dash punch, I’m in deep shit, what should I do now? ub,db, or DP?) I might be bad to say this but I’ve noticed differences in the way Japanese and Americans play as well, and this is typically noticed among the two. IMO, Americans like to take time and think their strategy through, space/zone to be safe and always hit confirm stuff to be as safe as possible. Typically the further away from me, the better off type mentality (this changes depending on character), but it’s a generalization, and I may not be able to assume that so I just threw it out there in the open to be mauled. Anyhow, if you look at the Japanese (unless it’s Daigo who stands out as an exception IMO because he just stands there and does nothing for like a whole round, then rushes you down and rapes you the next two rounds in like 10 seconds), you’ll notice, or at least I noticed that they tend to play a lot faster, and that may have to do with their living styles or their controls. But basically everything they do has a purpose, and if they are just sitting there the rare times, they are trying to read the other guy I’m guessing. Plus I may be biased as I am a Virtua Fighter player, where getting knocked down and tech. rolling to keep momentum can be risky since you have no priority in your wake up game unlike 3rd strike where it’s different. Also if you decided to stay on the ground, you take a light down attack which is still damage but may be worth it if you want time to think through your next strategy. Plus the “invincibility” on wake up is prolly the most influential as it’s apparently feared by most players, even though it’s beatable (but risky too).
Anyhow, back to 3rd strike…Necro contradicts the whole turtle style of play so he’s a bit different. IMO, you’re basically trying to constantly stay on them but the hard part is doing it in a safe manner, and them turtling to get you off them is gonna slow you down, and Necro is quite slow compared to say chun or ken.
Those are just my 2 cents. Any thoughts?