Setups with the Jai-ai-ken?



Is that how you spell it? Anyway. I never know when to use this move. I use it for chip deaths, and I know it can be canceled out of a Deadly Rave somehow (not really sure how…)…bt other than those, is it useable in any situation? Cancels? Cross-ups? Anything?



Cross Up, C.LP or S.LK, S.FP, MK jai-eh-ken… (sweet damage:eek: )

After a FP throw I just use the jai-eh-ken to get across the screen, and build meter while im going across the screen usually after a mp reppuken or lp…

after the first 9 hits of the deadly rave you can do the combo above (without the cross up of course) which will result in a lot more damage…

You can also cross up s.LKx2,, Deadly Rave, its a little harder but worth it to learn for the extra damage…

Chip deaths work okay with the jai-eh-ken also, I also do the doulble reppuken for a chip death, but if they have a level 3, be a little bit more carefull…

Hope this helps…:slight_smile:


Thanks. A nice little move I like to use is throwing a close double reppukan when they’re on the ground (if it;s a character who doesnt ahve a good wakeup or lv 3, of course). Someties they try to doa move and get hit with both seperatly, if not than they block both seperatly and get tossed back a bit. :slight_smile:


It also does good guard bar damage… Of course, you should KNOW that it will break it. Otherwise they’re just gonna beat the shit out of you during recovery. :slight_smile:


dont hurt me…

I know this is off the subject but what happend to your other avatar marvelscrub, I really liked that bob barker one…

I wish someone could make me an avatar cause I got a funky Idea…

Oh yeah, use geese’s poke strings, such as C.lpx2-3, F+FP, reppuken, or counter or whatever ect…


Umm… i dunno. I still got it. I just change AVs every so often for no real reason really.

You want it? :slight_smile:

I don’t really know what I’m doing I just edit pictures in Paint. The last one I had (cartoon big-nosed blackhead/pimple-ridden mallrat) I drew in paint.

Hrm… maybe I’ll draw a crummy picture of Geese? :slight_smile:


thats cool

I had this idea of having a gilligans island, and geese thing going on, like a coconut falling on gilligans head and geese saying
"PREDICTABLE", or something like that…

But your idea of using bob barker was different and unexpected, and random, thats pretty much why I liked it so much…

Big ups to the random fellows out there, and the funny thing is, im thinking about using Vice in custom like you were, and giving up on playing yuri seriously, cause she’s kinda boring to me…



set up for repukken or jenekin

Just use a double repuken on wakeup all the time and RC it. They do a level 3 they get stuffed. If they keep on throwing fireballs just rc it and go through it


Neo: Don’t give up on Yuri!! She’s mad good! :slight_smile: She’s got the “kick you in the shins x8978” CC! And walking jab BS.

Do pick up A-Vice tho. Then you can kick down some tricks for me if you find any… It’s all about scrubby grab-N-drag into bladekicks CC.

About Geese… If Guile does his uber-blocked string against you, and you try to RC a jainaken through the boom (wtf else you gonna do) he can BLOCK IT! How ghey is that? I dunno if Deadly Rave hits, I usually use A-Geese.

I guess you could try jump straight up over slow ones.


Alright post in a thread from 2003 woot woot. Any way max low rh, into jaiken leaves you right next to them for a throw, just fyi, but if you mess up thats yo ass son.


dam good info im gonna add it to my game:woot:


lk version of course


thats a large amount of frame recovery, if you don’t get the kd then its just going to hurt you alot when they hit you with a punish. if you do get the kd and they have safefall, they can punish you since the lk version will not reach them as a tech.

I still believe a reppukken after a low rh is a safer bet. none the less this is still useable to get close after a kd, but it’s not 1 I would recommend since you would have to buffer into a jaieken when doing a low rh.