Several People Killed/Injured By Soul Stealing Toilet


not exactly able to prove the toilet can steal souls, but really, I don’t need to prove it.

Lady in China drops new cell phone into "Toilet".... 2 Dead, 3 Injured
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People dying over phones out here

Guy flies 7000 miles to china,gets rejected by girl,and almost dies.Crouching woman, hidden feelings

They’re not succumbing to the lack of smell, it’s the lack of oxygen.


Not entirely, but somewhat related, something really embarrassing happened to me this week. So I’ll tell you about it.

Went camping with Ashley and her folks in Colorado. Took a dump in the camp bathroom and a moth flew up out the toilet hole, mid-shit. I jumped up and screamed because I thought it was a bee and ended up shitting all over the toilet seat.




I know that man’s grieving, but that pic is hilarious. :rofl: Let me go hydrate, 'cause I know I’ma end up in hell for laughing this hard.



white knight alert


The whole story is hilarious and we are all going to hell. I lost it when the third person followed them in and also passed out like the previous two.


Yeah, every part of this story stole my soul. At my job, we actually have to get trained for shit like this (confined spaces). Last time people died at my job, this was how it occured. Some dude’s did an atmosphere check at the top of a giant tank of gas, and found oxygen. But what was in the tank was an asphyxiant (meaning it displaces oxygen, forcing it away). So buddy goes in, passes the fuck out, and his buddy goes in to save him, and also taps out.

But yeah, doesn’t make me laugh any less about people dying by the handful in a toilet, and a dude crying next to a toilet he probably dug himself.


This story is goddamn fantastic, man. Hell yeah I needed these laughs today… where does one even begin here…
So, this dummy dove right into the the shit in search of a phone…even if it’s an expensive phone, that’s terrible (one might say it’s…turdible?), man. I most likely would not even dive in there for my phone… I DEFINITELY am not going swimming in Doody-Ball Lake for someone else’s phone…not even for my wife, in the alternate universe where I made the tragic mistake of getting married… death-by-dookie-juice—that’s not a good look, bruh. That has to be one of the most sad, embarrassing ways one could die.

Dude passed out and died in there… in the shit lake :rofl: …his soul was taken by the GOLGOTHAN. This is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in YEARS, man. Jesus H. Christ this is fuckin GOLDEN right here.

“I’ve…never felt a power-level quite like this…” scouter explodes

…a brown chakra…the chakra’s so strong it’s VISIBLE! He HOLDS it in his HAND! Ohhh this story is too good…


To die in such a way really…

( ••)
( •

stinks! YEAAAAHHh!


The girl that dropped her phone in the first place should have realized that she was shit out of luck…


If I dropped my phone in a cesspit, it’s gone. Can’t pay me to go in there.


I think this story is a load of crap, what a waste I think the guy in the picture is about to take dump in memory


I’m still picturing this dude grieving next to that toilet, while people ask him to look away so they can take care of business


I’m not worried about going to hell, but I am worried of dying from laughter.

Need more oxygen…lol.

Prolly their last words.


they are chinese, they will risk their lives even if she dropped a dime.


They jumped into a cesspool. I really don’t think it was lacking in smell.


Soul-stealing toilet, huh?


you guys are assholes, laughing over this shit :tdown: