Several questions in 1 thread for a noob (me)!


first off i haven’t got into a vs game till MVC3 its way too fast and i end up mashing which is awful but am trying to 100% get good at this game! Secondly i seriously don’t care if i lose but i’d like to lose by giving the opponent a decent fight and not being steamrolled over, winning is just a bonus to me and wins will come from getting better as the experience of fights is just what i’m after atm. now for the questions…

i’m basically starting from scratch and want to know which team i should use, now i see several threads on “what team should i use” etc etc people say use who you want or who you feel comfortable with but what i want to know is which characters are noob friendly? (bare in mind i can’t OTG stuff, DHC tricks, SJC, air dash combos e.g Magneto, i’m also really ass at when to use an assist or even to help with combo extensions) so far i’ve picked taskmaster as from looking around on posts here and trying his challenges he seems noob friendly, any other characters that are say “easy to use” that would help me with the basics and fundamentals of the game to be me going?

2nd question is BnB combos…how many should i learn? i’ve spent literally the whole morning looking through all characters and there’s just way too many BnB per character, should i learn 1 or 2 or several? as i would basically have to learn the BnB for 3 characters instead of your regular 1 in a non vs game which seems somewhat overwhelming to me

3rd question. When should i be using the assist and how are you pressing the buttons for this? i can change characters in the air to carry on a combo fine (your basic 1,2,3, launch combo change character then 2,3 slam to the ground) its on the ground thats the problem is it 1,2,(3+assist) or 1,2,3,then assist? also when i call an assist to help they don’t come out i’m clearly doing something wrong?

if someone can find it in themselves to read all of the above lol (sorry for long post) the help and advice would be great! i’d rather dip my feet in the shallow end before diving into the deep end as i feel i’m just not getting anywhere


Wolverine, Akuma, Zero, Dante, Taskmaster, She-Hulk, Sentinel, Hulk and Tron are all pretty easy to start out with, and can be effective even by only doing basic ABC combos.

As few as possible to cover every possible situation you can be in when you get a hit. Usually you’ll have around two BnBs per character, and everything else you do differently (like X Factor combos, or combos into Lv3s) is just a slightly modified version of those two you normally do. You might be able to get away with one with some characters, other may need more to adjust for different ways they can hit confirm. Most people just have one that works anywhere and a better one that only works in the corner, though again this varies per character.

Ceirtain situations will prevent you from calling an assist. Outside of the normal not being able to call assists during a super jump, you also can’t call them for several seconds after a character dies and the next one comes in and until you touch the ground after an air tag. So if you just hit the assist button once and it happens to register right before you touch the ground, it won’t come out. Generally speaking, if you know you should be able to call an assist, just mash it until it comes out instead of pressing it once or twice.


Use the existing threads and/or the excellent MvC3 Guide. :slight_smile: