Severe level 3 glitch needs immediate patch

Test it yourselves, I’m not totally sure what causes it because it just seems to pop up at random. When I do a level 3, whether in a combo or naked, occasionally the little cat that does the body press to end the super comes out first and then when the finishing part comes there’s nothing to do the splash even though the animation and the damage is there.

After this happens you hear the sound that is heard when the little cat is leaving off either a level 3 or kitty helper super, and it plays to infinity. The worst part about this is that if you use Felicia’s level 3 and the glitch happens, and then try to use the kitty helper super, it doesn’t come out, it’s like she never had the super in the first place.

This needs immediate attention, I hope capcom caught it already, though I’ve not heard of anyone but myself getting this bug.

As far as I can tell, this happens when you start to mash for extra damage early.

Yeah that makes sense, I tend to mash early on supers, and it certainly never happened in vanilla.

Hopefully it’ll be patched alongside other things next week.

I can’t seem to get this glitch to out. You said you just activate Lvl.3 and mash early?

Yes that seems to be how it happens, like for instance I tend to start mashing as soon as I’ve finished the super motion.

Now that the patch is out, check and see if the glitch is still there. (personally, I’m going to check and see if Sand Splash still crosses up on hard knockdown).