Sex clubs? Sex Parties?


Just wondering if anyone here ever went to a fuck party. I mean really, not sure if I could just start fucking some random chick in front of everyone. Unless she was a hot black chick. And damn we even have one here in El Paso.


Says here in El Paso and doesn’t post in the regional thread. You’re looking real cute there.


Why would I? I dont play fighting games anymore


Speaking of cute, how’s the sis?


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Still posting pictures of her self in bikinis.

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Who wants to videochat?


Oh really? :slight_smile:

On a serious note, I’ve been to a sex party before. It’s pretty lame in comparison to what you probably imagine. It’s basically a bunch of (black) people hanging out acting like kids again. Most of them are married, or serious couples and they’re pretty much out to meet other freaky people and have fun.

Where I was at (a foam party) there was no sex, at least that I saw, but I didn’t go inside the house very much and was trying to keep a low profile because it was my first time coming and reputation is king at these events.

If you’re just trying to get laid quick, forget about it unless you’re already in a relationship with someone who wants to do this with you. That’s not what it’s for. But, I can say that for a single (or semi-single) person, once you are established within the “scene” it can be a fun experience that will most likely lead to sexual encounters, and possibly relationships. Couples can pretty much get freaky with anyone they want at these events, though. A single person’s chances of getting laid are much better at “sex night” at the local dance club.

Anyway, I went in having low expectations and came out somewhat satisfied. My friend (male, no homo) and I got da hook up to come as singles and I ended up playing with some cute mixed milf’s ittty itty bitty titties. Was trying to get a threesome going with her friend, but that was all I could haggle. I called her “Janna,” cause she reminded me of Janna from LoL. LOL. :tup:

Oh, and I somehow lost my brand new deck shoes (BALLA!) outside the foam pit and ended up just leaving them there. Fuck it. Vodka. :tup:


Share bikini pics plz

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For my eyes only. :coffee:

Largely because, well, y’know… MIRC.

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I’ve been to many sex parties. In my room. Alone.

They are awesome because I’m not pressured to talk to other people.


I think the important lesson from this thread is be part of your local community. Had Lazyjosh2 been a part of our local community, he would’ve met me a lot of the locals. Had he met a lot of the locals, he would’ve been able to get their names and befriend them on facebook. Had he befriended them on facebook he would’ve eventually found me. Had he found me he could’ve looked through my friend’s list. Had he looked through my friend’s list, he would’ve seen pictures of my sister in bikini.

Don’t miss out on people’s sister wearing bikinis: Join your fucking local communities.


Don’t bother, unless you swing and like older people.


meh my arm is fucked up ever since I came back from Iraq. And I’ve been on srk since 2001, and won almost every tournament in tucson az at super turbo and CvS2. I went to New Mexico and fucked everyone up in SF4AE and MvC2


I heard they can work out. The closest you’d get are probably swinger clubs/parties. I personally am not into it, I can’t have sex with other people in the room, especially other man. In reality, the smell in there is atrocious, and really takes you out of the mood. Group sex is a little too much of a turn off for me, but it’s ok if that type of thing doesn’t bother you. But mainly you’d be more lucky if you’re already married and doing some swinging.


Sex party? I thought these things were called orgies.


oh, you mean college?


Ever since I’ve seen In the VIP its my dream to go to a sex party. I love clubbing and I love sex. Seriously gotta do this someday. Where them bitches at?

<— Ashur probably likes sex parties too.





because I know what the next thing you’ll type will be.