Sex Crisis in Japan


Don’t know if this is old news or not, but according to this video, someone’s wrong with you if you’re not getting laid. Can’t really take this guy seriously.

And they look down on foreigners trying to propagate their species. Tsk Tsk.

What?! 36% uninterested men. Nice, thats means 36% less competition for me.

I volunteer to repopulate that country.

I can’t take this turk serious either

fuck that pete rose go 12,000-3000 bullshyt.

Maryjane already a big enough bitch and deal with all that shyt

You’re not gettin laid! boo fucking who.
Dudes like this do suuuch a great job of putting the pussy on the peddle stool.

its one thing to no socialize but then if you talk to girls they want to be friends but then bring something else up and the script is flipped
Like, I still wanna fuck, but the attitude and self entitlement issues some most these chicks have is crazy.
baaaah, girls have to much control when it comes down to it

[LEFT]herbavor men = pothead? lol [/LEFT]

Time for me to pick up an Asian wife!

Japanese women not interested in sex? Maybe if niggas stopped molesting them on the trains and just about everywhere else… :rofl:
Why would Japanese women even give a shit about sex when they can just do some Enjo Kosai and call that shit a day while having a fat chunk of loot on them without having to put out (though they would definitely get more if they did).
Niggas lost the war the second females realized they could get w/e they wanted WITHOUT having to put out.

Never fear, Japan! Help’s on the way! Up, up and awaaaay!

Not a big fan of Japanese chicks anyway. Never understood the fascination with asian broads.

Azrael called this shit before this vid.

IMO Japanese girls in general are pretty low tier (save for some idols and such). Maybe once they go all surgery crazy like in Korea they’ll move up a few ranks.

Maybe I don’t want to waste my money? Maybe I have better things to do. Maybe I have responsibilities to live up like education just to have the chance to compete. Maybe I don’t like Japanese females because of X. I may be trying to make something of myself. Shit maybe I don’t give a flying fuck about sex.

the list can go on and on

this is to cut and dry. Its getting harder and harder to juggle a whiny whore and your real priorities.

i’ll ask the tough question. if willingful sex has decreased, has rape and prostitution increased?
oh, and 7 billion people on the planet AND GROWING…maybe the rest of the world could learn something from this. not getting laid is one thing, but not reproducing can have some positive effects on the globes overall economy.

Getting too used to the good life when you don’t even fucking know what’s on the other side.

I know this Korean War veteran who’s been traumatized by how fucking across-the-board crazy asian people are, doesn’t matter where the fuck you go in that part of the world. He came back paranoid of CHILDREN because they were using fucking kids with guns as spies. Welcome to fucked-up reality son. This shit is nothing.

I blame Urotsukidoji Overfiend, if i was little jap girl i be scared shitless too…Having 5 flying penis entering every hole in your body.

he’s saying something’s wrong if you aren’t INTERESTED in getting laid. good job adding unneeded DRAMA to his words, tix.

also disagree w/ Cenk on this one.

Azrael been called this shit.Japanese dudes are feminized to the point they are sterile mentally.I think the porn industry has something to do with it too these guys grew up with crazy ass hentai and shit from wounds getting fucked to all types of shit.Mentally they are fucked up all that shit is not good for your mental health it’s waay to graphic and it can probably desentisize you to women.If you only see them as sex objects violated it in a thousand and one ways.

I never knew there were that many niggas in Japan. Whenever I saw any news on molestation it was Japanese people doing the molesting.

How is this a crisis.

Dohohohoho, aren’t you clever? :wink:
Everyone is a nigga, even white blond boys. :rofl:

I hate japan, but this is terrible overall for the world. we want to stop poor, uneducated, and stupid idiots from procreating. but third world countries breed like rabbits. we want rich, educated, and smart people having lots of kids. at this rate we will end up with dumb people overunning everyone.