Sexism and misogyny on the Evo stream: Part 2

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What is Patriarchy?

What is Sexism?

What is “The Male Gaze”?

What is Male Privilege?

What we can do about privilege

As someone who’s been in the scene for 6 years I understand the idea of protecting what we have against change. What I find ridiculous and, honestly, disgusting is that people tolerate the things that really made the scene great being sold out from under our feet, while simultaneously proclaiming that the future of the scene rides on the right to discrimate against women.

And for anyone who denied Keits is a misogynist/idiot before, [media=youtube]ze2WdA0CRR8[/media].

Keits was speaking the truth.

Every single female I know that plays SF (not many, around 3 or 4) plays or has played Chun-li because she’s the strongest woman in the world.
What keits said is true. It** IS** science. Women and men think different.

Also: “Never Give up, Never surrender.” -Buzz Lightyear

in before unironic ironic post about sandwiches and the bringing thereof

please ban women from evo

I’m not even going to go into this nature vs nurture crap…

this is vegas and console all over again. I just have to say that Kayane and Burn were hella into it. Look at Kayane’s salty face and Burn’s ‘phew’ dance. they were hella into it, son. A new change came, people QQ’d, at the end of the day people enjoyed themselves.

please link any scientific studies that demonstrate there’s a biological cause for differences in taste in street fighter characters between the sexes

Coum, you are the biggest fucking idiot I’ve ever seen on the forums. Worse than fucking sabilious. This is the god damn dumbest shit i’ve ever seen.

this post has rather little to do with anything

Please link me to a scientific study that says that keits was being sexist.

Shut the fuck up. Let this topic die. The girls seem to have had fun at the tournament, so why should YOU be a white knight and fuck it up for everyone else?

~My Chun-Li Biotruths…~

Its funny when people use “White Knighting” in literally the exact opposite way it should be used.

Because he’s a dumb fucking troll

Really? I see a dude coming in the defense of a party, when that party doesn’t really care too much. Someone who takes playing devil’s advocate a little bit too far.

I’m not surprised the girls already there had fun, obviously they’re already well adjusted to being surrounded by misogynistic manchildren. Good for them. If you’re happy with the only women that are welcome in the scene being those tolerant of that kind of behaviour, that’s sad for you I guess. The issue here is that the Evo administration claims the point of that tournament was to try to expand and bring more women into the scene, not simply appease the ones that are already there.

People who were at Evo have told me they heard a ton of “show your tits!” style cat calls from the audience during the women’s tournament. Obviously the Evo staff need to knock that on the head if they’re really seriously about bringing more women in.

Yo, does this idiot think we are fucking robots or something?

You’re right moron… everyone is the EXACT same and nothing is different about anyone. There are no differences between men and women.

Newsflash: There are jackasses everywhere. There will always be some douchebag ready to say “I’d let you borrow my stick! If you know what I mean…” to some girl, the same way that there will always be someone douchebaggy enough to throw their stick and start yelling at the opponent on the main stage.

Do you think that any of those fucks are going to read this thread? Furthermore, do you think keits is one of them? Because the answer is no to both of them.

You cannot change humanity with a thread on a forum. neither can the EVO staff.

Probably better to try than turn into an apathetic shithead

You are literally defending the position that girls pick C.Viper because of their biology

Jesus christ Kanta-Kun… don’t even try with this idiot. Some people are too far gone.


Yeah I guess. Like I said, I can’t change humanity with a post on a forum.

On a final note, I’d like to say that I applaud the commentators on female matches for holding back on condescending comments as much as they did. Of course SOMEONE had to slip up eventually, Skii kinda burned keits on that one, But I guess it was revenge for what Keits told him slightly off-mic during the TvC finals.