Sexism/misogyny on the Evo stream

Kanta-Kun, how old are you and what country are you in?

First tell me why it is relevant. I’m 72 and I live in the North pole.

Because you do not understand sexual harassment. Read the section under TYPES OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT and you will see how much understanding you are lacking of the USA system of defining sexual harassment in a professional, organized, or workplace setting.

I won’t read it before telling you that EVO is not a workplace setting. It is an event.

Oh, and which of these types of harassment should I be looking for? Pest? bully? Which?

Really, no one is working EVO? There’s no money being exchanged? There are no sponsors?

And to answer your question, several types would fit (a partial fit is enough.)

Sexual harassment - intimidation, bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors.

Don’t think I saw any of that.

this thread wasn’t even started because of sexual harassment some random white knight just came in and wanted his 2c

There. Was. No. Sexual. harassment. This person is crazy, way too caught up in upholding a law that does not apply and determined to start some shit when it’s absolutely not necessary.

Bottom line: Keits did nothing wrong. he was misunderstood by the TC. Camera man did some wrong shit apparently, someone should bring that to his attention.

you saw bullying - please read more than a sentence before making conclusions. This topic is far more complex than the most general term found in a dictionary.

The reason it is considered bullying is because these comments made, if found unwelcomed by any of the female (or male) participants, would automatically be considered “unwelcomed”. This creates what is considered an unhealthy environment, and a barrier of entry, to others in society; a result of using one’s gender to point out something of another person’s gender - same gender or not.

Sexual harassment doesnt have to be malintentioned, it could be the opposite. It makes no difference.


This topic was brought up because I would like to see EVO become something more than a shiny toy once a year and give itself the opportunity to see a broader audience.

charlie kelly ladies and gentlemen

Then the thread is solved, because kayane said NOTHING and was bothered by NOTHING. it is not up to you to consider wether it was offensive.

AND OMGIT’SCHAOS, some girl’s torso area just showed up in front of the camera why it was focusing Valle and CHoi!!! HARASSMENT!

EDIT: Evo has already reached a larger audience no thanks to what you think is unlawful or offensive. The EVO staff know how to take care of themselves and they know how to behave towards both “sides” of the community. be it Males or Females.

Get off your damn high horse and quit trying to win imaginary points by putting yourself up to some pussy PC standard.

I don’t know who you’re trying to impress but rather then just ranting and throwing pretty unfair accusations around, how about providing the proof to back up your claims?

I watched the vast majority of the stream yesterday and I saw no sexist remarks/behaviour at all. In fact the opposite. When AAA Kayne (French Chun li player) was on, they were giving her legit respect for her footsies and the way she won her game. There was no pandering. And as for Keit’s remark? I think it’s called a joke douche.

If everyone was pussy footing around scared to make any remarks in case they offended anyone it wouldn’t be worth having commentry, let’s just get cricket/bowls commentators in at that point.

Your issues regarding the Womens’ tournament is a seperate issue, I can see both sides to that, but don’t bring political correctness into it for gawds sake.

Lol EVO is work.

Some people are working, but it is not a professional setting forced to follow the rules of the workplace.

You realize you look like a fucking moron every time you rant about “Political Correctness”, right?

Hey guys its not actually a job or a professional event or anything like that so zooming in on girls and acting like a creepy fucking manchild constantly is totally ok

edit: holy shit wizard installed a capslock filter

So women get to be exempt from someone being an asshole because they’re women?

Get out of here with your own sexism.
The camera man was picking out fat guys, people sleeping and other stuff in the room.
The commentary has been consistent, they didn’t begin being rude as soon as women showed up, they’ve been rude and crude the entire time.

Seriously, that’s just sad =/… The environment was not hostile, stop being so ridiculously oversensitive about things, it really doesn’t help anyone to try to slander them into sanitizing the event.


That’s a problem with the system, not a problem with the commentator.


Yeh, I have never seen the cameraman zoom in on eye candy in the audience at a sporting event ever. I am totally offended at this creepish stalkerish behaviour! Evo will never be taken seriously by a broadcaster!


RL pic of OP.