Sexual Harassment and FGC is one and the Same


Wow, just wow. I’m really surprised. Then again, given that I’ve seen some “why aren’t there more hot chicks at tournaments so I can stare at them” discussion, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised?


Aris getting that attention for the Tekken side.
Show wise, Im sure someone in Capcom is glad they had Aris selected as coach.


Aris made the FGC look like a joke in the face of other communities. He talkin like he speaks for all of us. Whatevs, i’ll pretend this never happend and pester Aja for a 1.07 glitch fix on BBBR.


People will never take the fgc seriously now


What Aris brought to the Cross Assault table is basically the real face of the FGC, to be honest. I’ve been playing for over 20 years and that kind of shit talk is common. It doesn’t justify the nature, but, that is what the nature is, honestly.

Anyone remember the Duc Do vs Dark Prince beef where a knife fight/stabbing fest was going down?

Does anyone else remember the fiasco between Xecutioner and Sanford?

Yeah. That’s the FGC.

In the end, it’s going to be like how people watch the NBA vs people watching a pick up game at the local basketball courts. You get (at least, you’re supposed to get) the top players playing games in one arena while you may get a lot of shit talk and maybe even a huge ass fight in the other.

Regardless, the FGC is entertaining as fuck. I will most likely watch non-esport streams because the community itself is sometimes more entertaining than the game.


Aris comes of as a bumbling idiot who cannot adapt with times in that article, especially when he was asked about the ethics of racism and sexism. I’m sure it was due to being sprung upon that he wasnt able to compose himself, but he really doesnt represent the scene well.

If everyone want the scene to grow to more than what it is, then they will have to adapt and take others in consideration. The more they isolate a group of people, the less appealable in general it is (tbh i hate how even the term “scrub” is thrown around so freely, this discourages new players so much) . The more people will show interest and compete, the more prize money and exposure the scene will get. The scene is male dominate and men are likely to throw jabs at each others for jokes, its all ok when its understood by both parties. However this can lead to potential backlashes when it isnt clear to both.

Aris saying this is how the fighting scene has always been and one cannot exist without the other is ridiculous. Fighting games took off in the early 90’s, alot have changed since then, more words and terms have become “politically incorrect”. In the real world you will get beatdown for using certain terms now, the same terms which were considered perfectly fine back then. Fighting games can exist without trash talking, racism and sexism, and should be toned down and only exchanged between two accepting and partcipating parties.


totally acceptable considering phoenix did kinda ruin vanilla for a lot of people


Additionally, while some people can be horribly fucked up and mean those words in a really awful way, that sort of thing just reminds me of the word “bastard”… People arent being prejudiced against actual bastard children when they use that word. they…just use it as a semi-meaningless expression of anger with a certain sound to it. the actual meaning is pretty minor in the way people use it. i think most of the time people use “bitch” or “faggot” it is pretty much the same thing. “rape” often has its meaning removed the same way “decimated” is often used to mean slaughtered or something instead of literally 1/10 picked out and killed. it is just expressing a sense of force instead of actually meaning decimated or actually meaning raped. Does it give a poor image to people sensitive to that sort of thing? Sure.

And yeah, Aris is fucked up and makes us look worse than we are.


The real tragedy here is Aris airing his mental illness to the world.

We all know there are plenty of these retards in the FGC, but you don’t expect to see someone show such an utter colorblindness about it.

(ps: there’s another thread about this right below)


Seriously. That 14 minute vid was painful to watch. I’m thinking like damn does this guy have a filter or some kind of cut off switch? I could understand a few jokes here and there, but it seems like she got the brunt of the punishment.


no need for another one of these