Sexy Avatar Request


Can someone make me a sexy R.Mika avatar? preferably doing something naughty with either lilith or cammy? preferably animated as to take advantage of the premium member avatar file size. muchos gracias to whoever can help the horny dios <-X->. :evil:




please? someone help meh? me needs teh sexeh ^____^’’’


like mine


kinda like mine, with a bdsm bondage thing going on, and lesbian stuff with r mika in it, r mika for sure, other girl either cammy or lilith, doin somethin sexy, animated of course to take advantage of the premium member extra avatar space.


Well, I can’t do animations, but here’s something to hold you over til you can find a better one.


thanks for the reply and the av submitted, ill wait and see if more peeps will submit some av’s and ill see some more sexy stuff , btw, what exactly is going on in the av? lol, im confuzzled @_@


:lol: Yeah, I don’t know how to edit sprites or anything so I just took some off of FightersGen. That’s actually Lillith down there, lemme find the sprite. I had intended for Mika to start “exploring.”

Edit-I know I saw a few of your avs in one place somewhere. Do you have a gallery or some sorts, that way I can show a friend and they can give it a shot.


plz help ;-; me needs teh sexeh av.


is he good at animation and have a good imagination ? ill post up some of my other av’s if you want, though i got to wait 5 minutes each between posts. bleh.




yay, more sexy ladies.


go with the last one


eh? last one? what do you looking for a -new- one, those are all really old ones ive had for awhile. the last one i had made for me was a lilith av, but what i really want is a R.mika one, too sexeh.


i was a bit bored… still kinda working on it but i think this might work…


LOL thats fucking sick ! i love it man, what would make it Golden was after she whips em, she turns real quick to do her smiley face peace sign, lol. but thanks man, tight work :slight_smile:


if he can actually do that then major props to him cause that’s going to be very hard…


not the best… but i dont have the time to devote to it at the moment… 2.gif

or the origional


i love the new one! ill keep it , thaks bro much appreciated. i aways ike to have viraiation