Sexy Girl Av


I just finished making this one, I have been working alot over the pass few weeks or so. I havent truely worked on tagging in maybe a year or so, Between working and being in a counter-strike clan its rough trying to fit tagging into my time.

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Critz and Comments are always welcome.


HMM I posted that pic in the Hot Girl Thread


What’s your point?

r3mix: I like the BG, but I think the girl needs to be blended in a little more.


i agree with what ytwojay said.

the girl in the av looks like she doesn’t belong. how about giving her a lil purple/red tint?
also, i’m not feeling the color of your text, give other colors a try and maybe there’s something you’d like even more.


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Just curious on what I can do to make this av better? Im still learning and trying to toy around with things, But blending really isnt something Im that good at (At the moment at least). So if anyone would like to make a av using the image I used, Id greatly appreciate some further info on how I can make this av better.

Thanks for the C & C and to those that help me out, Peace.


That was weak as hell:confused: surely you can do better:lol:


come on man, don’t make the guy set unachievable goals.


Good point.:cool:


Orange - I have noticed that you do alot of chick av’s here on SRK, Would you like to tell me how I can further my av? Maybe ways I can make it look better though PS?


try duplicating the layer of the girl, then play with the blending options, like overlay/screen/hard light etc. then play with the color overlay and things like that, to give it a slight purple/red hue. also try and match her better with the lighting of your background. try out filters > render > lighting effects

take a look at these i made:

i tried to match the lighting so they stand out, but not too much from the background as a whole.
just experiment, until it’s how you want it. i usually spend a good portion of the time on my work just messing with lighting/shading and coloring alone.


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