Sexy Psylocke

Here’s a Psylocke I did for She was made to “Vannah White” the ads on the page, lol.

Wallpaper versions:

Chain, chain, chain…

Another impressive piece. Nice theme too, the whole Vanny White angle. Don’t cuss at me but, I think her torso is a little short. I think that maybe you should have stretch out her body a bit, but I don’t know, maybe its the way she is standing. Anyway, nice pic.


Hey Ron awesome stuff as usual- “I ll take a vowel Vannah!!”-:cool:

Very nice and a more realistic look to her. Colors are very good also. Good work man.

wow great work as always chain, i really like the coloring and how u drew her face

the close up of her face in the wallpaper is a lot better than the whole body pose

like deon said her torso does look a little weird, anways great job:D

Thanks fellas. :slight_smile:

Deon: I wouldn’t cuss at ya man, I’m always open to c&c :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been staring at the torso for awhile, because several people have told me it looks slightlly odd. I’m not sure if it’s too short, might be, but I definately notice on big mistake that I made now, and I think that’s mainly what’s causing it to look funny. Her sternum is too long; I put her solar plexus way too low on her chest. Should be about a little higher than the bottom of her breasts, not all the way down there. Also, other than her boobies being there, her chest looks pretty flat. Good lookin out guys ^_~

He’s right, it’s her torso.
She needs a stomach.
The belt is way too high on her.