SF #04 Cover Art Preview


Here’s some preview of the issue 4 covers:

Cover A by Alvin Lee and Arnold Tsang

Cover B by Kaare Andrews

Power Foil Guile Cover by Jo Chen





that IS hot. i will definately be picking them up.


Damn… too good.
I’ll have to ask the local comic book guy to import the comic for me. How often are issues released over in the US?


Monthly, I think the next issue is released on the 15th.

Anyway, that first cover looks too good. I can’t wait to get my hands on that.


:eek: that Alvin Lee and Arnold Tsang cover is some sweet shit :eek:


cant wait to see balrog and vega.


hey udon, which of those covers would be the standard one?

i’m currently in Hong Kong right now, and the comic store i go to pretty much gets a limited amount of issues per title.

i really like the alvin lee cover (A). please tell me that cover is the standard one and it’s not a “special” limited cover?


Jesus, Sagat is a moutain.


Cover A & B are the 2 regular covers.


Cammy is ugly…

no offense…

SHe looks like the child of a troll and a dwarf.


and t.hawk is a even bigger moutain but, hugo is the biggest mountain of them all.


:eek: man that Sagat cover is tight as hell, man this is a great comic book, keep up the great job.


Damn i didn’t even know about this section nor did I know you posted here… Hot hot hot. Wow.


quit hatin, they got style.


Hey, I love the work done on Charlie.


Hold up, is Kaare doing the backup too? His Hulk covers were HOT! But I never got the chance to see him illustrate a story…


Oh yeah! Kaare is indeed doing a back up!