SF 05 preview up on site


Just added 4 pages of preview interiors if Issue 5 to the SF site!


Awesome! Looks like Bison is gonna rock some fools in Dramatic Battle mode. The Sagat vs Ryu fight looks good as well.

I’ll keep updating this thread on Video-Opera as you do updates for the site.


Guile and Chun got owned.

Killer Bee owning Vega? Hmmmm… :frowning:


Ooo… looking good.

keep it up Udon, you guys haven’t disappointed me so far :slight_smile:

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Looks great, when can I buy it?


Who knows? It was supposed to come out the 21st I think, but the Street Fighter comics have not been coming out on time for a while. It is a little annoying.


This is nothing compared to the wait you have to endure for The Ultimates though. Now That is annoying…



Well, According to Diamond you should expect

Street Fighter #5 to ship February 4th


I can’t wait for 5 to come out. Is 6 the highest it’s going?


I can’t wait for it neither. No, its goin well past Six. Its an ongoin series meaning that as long as people keep buying it, it will go well past the hundreds!..


:cool: Well I know they got a loyal fan right here…as long as Ryu kicks ass!!:cool:


I just checked Diamond and I did not see Street Fighter 5 on the Feb 4 list. How much longer are we gonna have to wait or this?


^ I know it doesn’t say it in Diamond’s List. If you would read more carefully, you’ll notice that On Top of each Shipping Date it clearly states,

“The following products are expected to ship to comic book
specialty stores this week. Note that this list is tentative
and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for

Diamond is Updated every monday at 5 P.M(Eastern). Thte list that you just saw, isn’t the Final list but the Tentative list. Next monday Diamond shall post the Final Shipping list for Feb. 4th…

Also, incase your wondering to which you haven’t asked, Heres where i got the date for Street Fighter #5:lol::p

Clickey Clickey:p;)


sounds cool, but I can’t wait till Balrog gets some action:D



SF 05 is on the feb 11 list.


Thank god! The wait is killing me!


^Hopefully. Thats the right date for sure. I don’t trust the dates from the official site. Sometimes they are rarely Updated. It happens alot. Oh well, I’m still goin to be looking out for next week though, Just incase its wrong…again…


And they got owned by my favorite version of Bison, too. The hyper muscular Zero/Alpha version that idiots on this site call fat. Fools can’t tell muscle from fat…when was the last time you saw fat with cuts?

As for the Cammy thing, it’s happened before. And when Masahiko did it, it inspired Capcom of Japan to create a rivalry of sorts between Cammy and Vega for SFZ3.


Everyone go to milehighcomics to get an additional preview of the first 4 pages of Street Fighter 5. From the looks of it, there might not be a real Sagat vs. Ryu fight.