SF 15th Anniv stick mod solderless (got a padhack)

I have seen alot of people looking for padhacks for custom sticks so I just wanted to give my experience upgrading my 15th annv stick. Keep in mind I have never done anything like this before and I CANNOT solder to save my life. I also explain a little more on my flicker set here if your interested.

This is a Prehacked pad by HarumaN who I found here (update: see end of this post for SRK contact info) it came very well packed and labeled, it was an official xbox 360 controller and he wired it so both of the triggers were functional as well. It was very professionally made. I was very impressed (I guess he does all sorts of padhacks but this is the one I bought)

This was my old Street Fighter Annv stick . I loved the shape of it and used it plenty on my original xbox, but now that is gone and I wanted it to work on my 360 (and retain all current functionality) I have not put a new button for the guide yet but I am considering it.

Here is the bottom there are 10 screws found along the perimeter that need to be removed the inner ring of screws hold the controller cable spool in place so there is no need to remove them. On my flicker set here I marked them in case it was unclear.

Here are the insides of the stock unit I unplugged the cable that connected to the controller adapters, but otherwise it is untouched. As you can see it’s not the really nice Happ one but i am thinking about maybe doing an upgrade myself in the future (as of right now it looks like most parts are impossible to find).

This is a shot of the padhack as it was labeled when i received it. Notice the outline for the LT RT and a separate ground for them, this is what enables the trigger functionality without extra add-ons (very ingenious IMHO). But this allowed me to just transfer over everything with no need to even own a soldering iron which is great.

I labeled all of the buttons so that I didn’t need to keep flipping the stick over. (Note: I probably should have thought this out better but I have NEVER attempted to do anything with an arcade stick before so the directional marks are reversed IE: the white trigger on the bottom right actually registers up not down as I originally surmised)

Here is the final after all is done all I needed was a couple screw drivers and a small drill for the two mounting holes and a twist tie. Also I had to remove two screws from the bottom of the cover to slide the 360 wire through the spindle (had to remove a bit of plastic as well but not much to get it through).

So that’s it, it only took about an hour to an hour and a half to complete, I don’t claim to be an electrician (all of the hard work was done for me lol) . This is my first time documenting something like this so if i have forgotten anything feel free to ask.

Update I guess HarumaN signed up here you guys can find him here

I just browsed that guy’s entire thread. He would get a ton of business if he posted over here. It’s very clean how he labels everything with terminal strips.

Thanks for the post. People ask how to do this all of the time.

Thanks, i figured it would help others that might be interested, I wanted to do this sooner but was kinda terrified to even attempt and end up breaking something.

Nice, thanks for the link to that guy’s services! The more quality padhackers the better

nice stuff right there…ima hit him up and see if i can get one.

glad you got a stick working but that’s not solderless.

Sorry I just meant is was, for me, I just needed a couple screw drivers. I can see how I stated that wrong. sorry

is this guy backed up at the moment?
I want to get in touch with him, but he doesnt accept XBL messages.

I guess he has been busy, but I ordered mine on Saturday before last and got it on Wednesday the same week so I have no complaints. As far as xbox live is concerned I can’t help there, I just signed up at that forum and PM’ed him about it. It’s kind of a bummer though cause you have to wait for moderator approval for the account there. I will email him and give him a heads up that I made a topic here and he might want to sign up here.

Well, I’m going over there to request one… since all the padhackers here are preoccupied. Shhh…

<lurk lurk>

What’s up? :slight_smile:

What’s up HarumaN :slight_smile:
Thanks again

PM sent. >_>

Wish I would of known about these pad hackers. I’m taking my controller back and ordering one hacked. I have no solder skills.

Thanks for the links. :tup:

You know there are people here who does pad hacks too, just need to look harder. Just saying.

I know. I’m already getting that dual modded one from you, but I’ve come to realize that I might need another. Last time I checked Nareg’s thread he said he wasn’t taking anymore orders and had wireless ones. He seemed busy with his SimpleSticks, so I thought I wouldn’t bother him. And I thought you were busy, but if you’re not, I wouldn’t mind ordering one from you provided it I can get it asap. I just thought you’d be busy with dual modded ones and well, since I’m pretty low on the list. Yeah. :wonder:

Sorry for hijacking your thread, OP. ???, ???

I can do $50 shipped for madcatz without triggers or $65 with triggers. Probably get it done and ready to ship Friday.

Oh yea, I need a reply from my email when you get a chance.

If i send you a controller how much is the discount?

thats some nice work haruman…

Labor for madcatz are $20 for without triggers, $35 with. Other controllers cost extra if I can do them.

sorry for the thread jack to OP.