SF 15th anniversary fightstick mod


hey all,

i want to mod my 15th anniversary stick to work with my 360. so i did some reading and im ready to get it going but, i dont really like the nubytech buttons/joystick. heres where the mod gets tricky. i want to get HAPP parts (i love happ products) the concave buttons and the p360 joystick. from what i’ve been reading you can successfully hook up the p360 joystick with a wired 360 controller. but how can i get it to work with a wireless controller? it needs a 5v draw from somewhere. is it possible or does it need to be wired?



please guys i googled the hell outta this and i found nothing.


If you go wired you can get 5V from the USB (VCC) on the PCB. Not as sure about wireless.