SF 15th Annivesary Fight Stick with PS4

So I recently found this in my storage. It appears I also had got a Cthulhu USB PCB and never got around to wiring it up with this.
If i wire it up, would this fight stick work on the PS4 with SF IV, and V?


The Cthulhu will only support PS3 and legacy consoles atm. Since Sony allows you to wirelessly connect a PS4 and use a wired USB PS3 controller for fighting games. I’m not sure how long that method will last but it would be a better idea to just pad hack a PS4 controller into your stick for the support. The PS4 controller will work for PS3 as well.

It’ll work for SFIV through the legacy drivers, but we don’t know if SFV will use them, and if it doesn’t you’ll need to padhack in a PS4 controller.

hmm tha padhack looks a bit too extreme for me. Would this work?

Not as well as you’d want it to.

I have my SFAC dual-moded for PS1/2-360. Going to enlist @Gummo to add PS4 compatibility. He charges a very reasonable $140+ shipping.

A bit less than a new stick after shipping, and you still get to use that VCR of an arcade stick.

Edit: unless that’s the model with actual Happ parts, I’d just invest in a new stick. I replaced my stick and buttons years ago.