SF#2 first printing SOLD OUT!

Image just made the announcement…

Image Press Release

So what’s out there are all there is on the existing first print covers…

My shop sold out within three hours of opening which means I didnt get #2.
Congrats tho.

This comic is becoming a pain to collect.

Yeesh, they need to find a way to get more stock of this comic to the stores or get those fools to order more for their stock. There isn’t much point to supporting the comic as a Street Fighter fan if the comic is sold out so you can’t even support it by buying the thing.

You said it Doll Fan, it sucks that you cant find the comic and if you do it find the comic it’s a cover you dont like. It seems like I’m going to have to buy issue’s off ebay.:frowning:

Buy it Wedsnesday, when it comes out. That’s the only way you can stand a chance.

Congrats though, I’m glad this comic is so sought after. I could probably buy an island in Southeast Asia with my SF#2 alone…

Maybe you guys can set up something with your local comic shop so they can hold the books for you. If they dont do that then try to get to your shop the Wednesday it gets released. On the bright side at least the comic is doing well.

We will try our best to keep it in print. But we can only do so much extra stock on the first printing based on the initial orders. The case of #1 & 2 is that we have a crazy surge that takes up all the extra first printing we printed immediately after the book ships, forcing us to do a second printing.

With this experience, issue 3, we will be a bit more generous in the over run first printing so hopefully the original covers can last longer.

I bought a total of 6, 2 of each cover. :stuck_out_tongue:



dude…i got a copy! i’m so happy
this comic rocks
keep up the good work

I’m really impressed with the way that each issue has flown off of the shelf. I picked up a copy of #2 (tsang cover) and of #0 (DF Joe Mad sketch cover) this morning and am really impressed with the attention to detail and overall quality. I’ve liked the first couple issues so much, that I’m thinking of going back to pick up some alternate covers. Keep up the good work!

Got all three covers yesterday. The holo-foil drops in two weeks, right?

i’ve been searching EVERYWHERE for ish #0 and no luck:(:frowning: :frowning: i guess i’ll have to try ebay. Good job though, guys! this comic is awesome!

Nice work guys!!!

Unfortunately I think i was the only person who bought #2 in my store. the city i live in ain’t a street fighter town :frowning:

my town’s a counter strike town. too bad they don’t play REAL strategic games like SF /=. :mad:

I got my #2 (2 copies). I might pick up a few more for friends. Unfortunately, I may skip the foil this time around (sorry Mr. Ko :frowning: ). Ken isn’t a favorite of mine. Now Cammy or Fei Long, I’d buy two of those. Make it happen sir.:smiley:

Still plenty at my comic shop…

Congrats on the success though. And is there a pic of the #2 Foil anywhere?

I don’t really care about the first printed copies. I just care about getting the “copy A” or the best “cover art” of each issue.

Right now I only have:

(No #0 issues, our stores never got those)

#1 Issue: Copy A, Copy B, & Copy C

#2 Issue: Copy A

I only cared about getting each printed copy of the first Issue. The other Issues from #2 onward I only care about getting the best cover artwork.

#3’s (Vega Attack) cover art coming up next week looks fuckin’ tight though. I can’t wait!

damn i finally got cover A of #2 today and i had to drive like an hour to get it. I was pleased though but wish i could find an issue 0 or 50 character cover of #1

Urgh, I havent been able to get even one copy. Theyre always sold out where I am. I think Ill probably wind up having to buy the entire series in power foil…and thats going to be pretty expensive. I have a friend that works at a comic store…so its time to start calling in some favors.