SF 2 HF challenge to all comers

Ok anybody wanna see me on sf 2 HF ill post your beating on my youtube channel to get there type rocky rose vs ken mexicano or rocky rose vs sikirap youtube.com.I want to bust up real decoy but he keeps running

Was wondering when this would happen.

I sent dcoy about 50 messeges about playing me and he bitched out I already beat him back in 2008 and 2009 24 games to 7 so he knows ill beat him like he was peter mcneely

I challenge anyone to step up and play youtube.com gyromitefan1983

Decoy and any ggpo HF player come up on me on xbox live and ill give you the beating of your life

Not as good as WESSIDE.

Bad troll is bad.

Pertho if you can afford a 360 get on sf 2 hf and watch me beat you to a pulp,Dont come on my thread and talk if your not gonna play

If any of you plan to come on here and run your mouth please be ready to play I dont make false promises I am a bully on sf 2 hf ill beat you and post it on youtube TRY ME cigarbob got his teeth kicked in by me in HF whos next whos NEXT I SAID ANSWER MEEEEE!!

If I had to pick a favorite side dish at Thanksgiving, I’d probably go with cranberry sauce. Not that oblong chemical mess that comes in a can; the homemade stuff. Too good.