-SF 3 3rd Strike players only Pittsburgh PA -lets battle-

I wanted to see if anyone in pittsburgh or the surrounding area of PA or were ever you may be would like to battle me and my other 2 friends( were a 3rd Strike only group ). We only play 3rd strike, so for the cats that may wanna play something else to srry.3rd doesnt leave the machine. cvs and vs,s are great but i only wanna throw down with 3rd strike players. We could get together at a house with a dc or if any of you cats know were theres a 3rdS machine we could do that to. Even tho im used to a controller. My fellow 3rdS mates are neckware and parrysome and we wanna battle players that are not novice.* Please only serrious players * and no kids either unless your moms real hot then will see if she wants to play jo jo,s bizzare adventure with me… * And if your good with dudley your in * [ reply if intrested ]

the leader of mIDDboSS -------------------

Yo fuck Third Strike man, let’s play Fight Club!

Your advatar is simply awesome. We all know that seans roll is the best and most useful move in the game. Theres a way to make him explode just like Q does while hes in rolling mode. I havent figured it out but its awesome. Anyways i hope these pittsburgh cats respond i wanna battle. See you tonight hopefully man. Talk to you later… white dudly for life… mIDDboSS.

is there really that many ppl that dont play 3rd strike… I can only handle trying to master one fighter at a time thats why i only wanna play the 3rd strike. I love cvsnk2 and the others. But if you play thos AND 3rd strike we can battle. Im just look for cats to play SF3 with . It seems to be harder then i thought . hmmm. I hope none of you took the tread the wrong way.

Give it some time man all the pittsburg players are too busy practicing seans roll

I wanna play 2 dans on sfa 2 and do the super taunt at the same time. Thats whats up. Me you and chris need to play soon. Since therse no one in pgh that plays 3rd strike . Taunt in the air with dan!!! Oh yes…
I use seans roll in tournaments it goes right under ryu,s fireball, but then sean just keeps rolling ! And he rolled right off the screen and off into the sunset. All i was trying to do was go under a fire ball!!! But i guess sean felt he had more important things to do . Like play basketball and jo jo,s bizzare adventure.

HIREING $7.00 $ Dollors a hr, parrying seans basketball.

Let’s play Sunday night, eh?
When I get my basketball off you’re all fucked!

aw yeah baby yeah johny yeah baby yeah johnny yeah baby yeah johnny yeah baby yeah johnny,. Were do u work>? do u go to school>? do u work do u work do u work do u work>? Yeah johnny yeah baby. Repeat 3000 times… mIDDboSS song <<< (Questions from everyone ) Anyways. Yeah man that sounds good . OH and no ones gunna be here for like a week to. I really wanna get together and parry basketballs. I need some tail tho. Aw fuck… why is drews so creepy ah hes on my space. and god damn is he creeping on that web. give me a ring mate.

I love how my whole thread is nothing but my post. I bet ppl that come here say WTF mate >?! … But you should all know i use ---- Q ----- And yaw really think u can take me on letsss go. :3p:

I’m down for some sunday battles :tup: :wow: :wow:

I’m totally down.

Is anyone else down out there>?? Theres going to be free chips and prezzles. And a special room were theres 6 girls totally naked and in the middle of the room theres a tv and its playing bible adventures. The hit christen NES game ! Cheers… down for the count… Lets fight… Like Gentelmen <<<< thats for neckware and parrysome.

Just post mapquest directions to your house and we’ll see in anyone else shows up.

i live in south side. its real easy to find… but u know whats hard to find. Ppl in Pittsburgh that play 3rd Strike. !


sucks that you only play 3s…we dont play that much anymore. do you play CFE cause it has 3s ppl in it??

anyway, hit me or jake up at ZeldaLeft or ToiYet on AIM or over on the pitts thread on gamecombos and we will smack you guys around at 3s for an afternoon or so.

oh yeah…pittsburgh is mainly GGXX #R, twinkle star sprites, and T5 and now CFE, with a little marvel, cvs2, and 3s thrown in.

Where do you play CFE?

Well, we got two guys here in Oakland that like to play so we can do something sometime. We play a lot of 3s and MvC2 with a dash of CvS2. Hit me up sometime.

ok, tonight. Lets do it. Mid, get us the hook up. I’ll keep checkin back for a time.

Edit: I unfortunately have plans at around midnight so the earlier we get started the better :karate:

we play CFJ at my house. in north oakland.

tonight at midnight is cool for me. where do you guys wanna meet up?

gimme a call: 412 519 4285 and ask for Ami

im tryin to play too…