SF #3 impressions (spoilers)

Bwahaha, I’m sure you guys saw this coming.

I went to the comic store an hour 30 minutes ago, and I was pissed that the Alvin Lee cover wasn’t in stock, because whoever sold them the comics decided to screw them and sell them only cover B and replace the cover As with DONALD DUCK ISSUES. :confused: I wasn’t going to buy two covers, but I want the Alvin Lee cover, and I might go back tomorrow to get it.

Anyway, on with the comic. The beginning starts off with Ryu going nuts in a dojo, beating up Ken, and he seems pissed at Gouken’s death. At the point of Ken being blasted by a giant Hadoken blast, it turns out all was a dream. It then goes to Gouki at Gouken’s grave. (notice that the dojo is nearby where Gouken’s grave is in the background) He picks up Gouki’s beads off the grave, and notes about Ryu having the same dark power as Gouki.

The majority of the rest of the comic focuses on Vega, Ken, and Eliza, with a little bit of Guile and Chun Li.

Vega bumping to Eliza on purpose, and planting a bug on her hankerchief while trying to flirt with her was cool. Oh, and Tiamat will like the really small cameo of Juni, I almost didn’t recognize her at first. She looks so cute in a flight attendant’s uniform.

The small bit about Udon noodles was funny, to me anyway.

Eliza needs to be shown more with only a robe on. I swear, her boobs were all over the place. :smiley:

Why did Tatamaki Senpuu Kyaku only do one hit? :stuck_out_tongue:

After the Ken/Vega fight scene, the appearance of

Shadow/Charlie surprised me.

Kevin Lau’s backup story seems really well done. I like his take on Ken and Eliza, and Zangief not getting off a spinning pile driver kinda saddened me. But it was good nontheless.

In the back, there is an interview with the person who designed the SF website. Good stuff. Speaking of which…isn’t the site due for an update? XD Also, there are two fan letters, which should answer a few questions, or just repeat what was said in these forums.

And the Cheap Shots this issue is awesome. It’s better if you just see it yourself.



i thought it was alrite
i like how akuma got his necklace
everything else was pretty cool especially ken vs vega
the backup was alrite, but i found it interesting there was no introduction to it this time.
you just flip the page and there it is.
i cant wait for the sagat and ryu rematch? next issue

and another thing
the street fighter site in the back of the book has that been updated on the interent?
cuz the site ive been going to doesnt have some of those pages or maybe i just cant find them e.g. the covers to each issues

we run into some technical difficulties with the web update. We are solving it now… sorry for the delay…

I knew I shoud’ve made an entirely new post instead of just bumping the Spoilers/impressions thread…:frowning:

Still beat ya by a few hours, though K.M.X. :stuck_out_tongue:

how many covers are there, only 2? Because thats what my comic shop had just 2 covers and is issue 4 coming out next week already? Thats what the coming next week sign at the store said.

My store only had two covers as well. Power foil should hopefully come out in two weeks (Bison foil cover :eek: ).

I’m pretty sure udon mentioned that #4 is coming out in December.

Vega was pretty slick with his placing of the tracer. And damn, Eliza is hot!:eek:

Ken and Vega fight was awesome. Eliza with the bitchslap on Vega! :eek: “You dare touch the face of Vega?” Anyone else notice the dizzy stars over Vega’s head? Nice touch there.

Chunner looks absolutely scrumptious in her outfit.:eek:

The power foil looks ridiculous, Alvin Lee covers for me only.


But wait, I thought Blanka was Charlie?

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Now I still don’t know.

Blanka is really named Jimmy :smiley:
Chuck’s from USA
Blanka’s Brazilian

I just finished reading issue three and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I noticed that the Ryu “sleep-fighting” sequence appears to be inspired by the SF Alpha anime.

That Balrog/Vega is one smooth bastard. I really like how he is being portrayed, very close to how I imagined he should be.

Nash/Charlie as Shadow wasn’t really a surprise for me. I read enough hints from previews and this message board to figure it out. Maybe it’s because I don’t play the Marvel games or it is too non-canon for me, but I don’t really like Shadow being in the comic. I wonder how he beat Guile up so quickly?

The back-up story is good. Something I really wanted to see this comic do is flesh out the characters more. Giving the reader glimpses of their daily lives and more mundane problems, and this story did just that.

Haha, yeah, I spotted that a few minutes after I posted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time, just post a impressions thread for the next issue if you can beat me to it next time. :slight_smile:

How is Shadow’s character? Is he all zombie like without emotion or it’s like a perversion/tainted version of his normal personality? And how does he look like??

He acts just like Cammy does at the moment. The way he looks is as he would look in the vs. series, and he seems to have no pupils.

Thanks :slight_smile:
oh and did anyone have a “Oh crap check out the hair! It’s Charlie!! What’s happened?!” moment or he just showed up?

How about just buying the comic? jk

Anyway, he just appeared in a panel after Vega runs off. No ominious attempt at trying to hide him, it kinda killed the suspense later. :confused:

Hehe thanks I would but I’m really broke and I don’t know where the heck the closest comic shop is lol tis the trouble of moving from the US to Canada :\

Contrary to popular belief, comic book stores do indeed exist in Canada.

Dreamwave’s based in Toronto. And…UDON is too right? Or at least most of you?

Holy shit man Eliza fan service galore.:eek:

i really liked this issue seeing juni was a definete plus the whole disguise seems to suit her design but i’m more excited to see alivn draw juli more than anything!! my only complaint about this issue is that there was no cammy this is an outrage!!!:mad: chun li was very sexy along with eliza which was great.

Another great issue, it makes that one month wait seem sooo long. There were a lot of cool easter eggs in this issue for those who were paying attention, and of course a whole lot of fan service as well. I love the way things are shaping up. Shadow was probably able to take out Guile so quickly because Guile was too shocked/surprised to retaliate.

SPD would have been cool, but if 'Gief had pulled it off, do you really think that Ken would have gotten back up? My only beef with the back up story was that it probably should not have taken place that the USMA tourney, but it’s no big deal.

Heh, my letter was one of the two that were printed.:smiley:
Big thanks to UDON!!!

Hmm… Seeing Shadow Charlie was weird. :eek: I thought it was a vs.-games only thing, but I may be mistaken. Paging TiamatRoar, your help is need here. :smiley:

Indeed. Eliza boobies make me a very satisfied customer. As with Vega getting his face bashed. :smiley:

More power Udon! Keep up with the good work.