SF #3 impressions (spoilers)


It was. What seems to be the problem? Don’t tell me that I have to give even MORE “the comic isn’t canon” disclaimers…


CLAY’S LETTER GOT PRINTED! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. That owns!


No, not at all. Just thinking aloud. Being a vs. game fan (:stuck_out_tongue: ) it was a nice surprise.


The Shadow/Charlie thing was cool.

Even though the comic isnt canon, its still approved by Capcom of Japan (everything UDON does with SF has to be approved by CoJ before they do it)

The thing with Shadow/Charlie makes perfect sense considering Charlie died diffirently in this comic (by the hand of Bison) and it seems very Bison like for him to make Charlie into one of his soldiers, plus it makes very well for the Guile/Charlie relationship and what it will become now that Charlie is Shadow.

Although it makes me think of the whole Sub-Zero/Smoke relationship in Mortal Kombat, when Smoke was turned into a robot and programed to hunt down and kill sub-zero.

Oh and Shadow’ VS game storyline was that he and Shadow Lady were created by Bison (but that was it)


Which brings an interesting argument. Is this a brainwashed Charlie, or an evil clone? Just a thought.

Oh, and Issue 3 rules. It’s nice to see how Bison’s various agents are coming into play. And Ken is as badass as ever.


I’ll put my Money on brainwashed Charlie.


In the VS games I believe that its Charlie, but he was brought back to life using cybernetics and Bison’s Psycho Power.

Although canonly/officialy Charlie cant be brought back unless he was a clone, since it seems Charlie’s body was incinerated (sp?) in an explosion in SFA3.

What Ryu & Ken might look like if they were converted into Psycho Soldiers

Psycho Ryu
Psycho Ken


I think Nash is a little bit of both. In Issue One Vega snapped his neck. For him to survive that, he’d need some robotics or some enhanced DNA Modification of some kind. Course it happened in Shadaloo Headquarters so Nash probably got imediate Medical Attention.


damn Chun Li and Eliza look better each issue. :o


Cool! Udon and Dreamwave are based in Canada :slight_smile:

On to my points, 1)Bison is a sicko who thrives on pain and suffering. I’m pretty sure Charlie is brainwashed, because it would be easier to do that than kill him and regrow as a clone.

  1. plus it makes Guile suffer greatly emotionally and Charlie aint no wimp either.(No just my opinion :wink: he seems like a good fighter, plus being boosted by Bison’s Wheaties he’s gonna kick alot of keester )

As to how he’s alive, someone mentioned medical staff of Shadoloo.
One I’m pretty sure that due to Bison’s resources they are highly advanced in different forms of medical and scientific repair. I haven’t seen 3 yet but maybe cyber enhancements were used. Is there evidence of that?
Last point do we actually know the extent of Bison’s Psycho power? Can he cause regeneration?( Maybe so but maybe just for himself: In SFIIV he was implaed by Chunli and he pulles the spiked object out without any problem and goes after her:eek:

sorry for my windbag-ness, but does anyone know when Blanka will show up?


Charlie is a good fighter, he’s even better than Guile. Guile actually never reached the skill/power level Charlie did, ie Charlie could throw sonic booms with one arm, and could make them come outta his legs/feet (and he taught Guile the sonic boom and flash kick)

I dont think Bison can regenerate.

And SF2V isnt official/canon, so you cant go by anything thats in that.


Speaking of SFIIV, is Bison’s description of how Psycho Power works accurate?

He claims that Psycho Power is a metaphysical manifestation of his hatred and rage for everything. On it’s own, this explanation works for me, but when you think about how Rose also uses Psycho Power…

Well, actually she uses Soul Power, which is the “good” side of Psycho Power…

And then there’s Athena from KOF, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a coincidence…

Ummm… anyway… (awaits a response from sano, Tiamat or one of the other storyline gurus…)

Ryu vs. Sagat in issue 4. I’m guessing that Bison will send Sagat to Japan after Vega has failed to capture not only Ryu, but Ken as well and then he and Ryu will fight and the Satsui no Hadou will show up somewhere probably…

Shadow vs. Chun Li as well most likely…

Juli cameo? Maybe working at a restaurant, those hats Cammy and the Dolls are wearing (hmmm… Cammy and the Dolls, sounds like a Rock group…) always remind me of the pill hats that they wear in the old style restaurants… and Carl’s Jr. in the 80s.

Or, they’ll show the other 10 dolls in the glass tube they showed Cammy in in the Newtype short. Upon seeing this, Tiamat will explode. Literally. Doctors and physicists alike will be baffled.


Don’t scare me like that.

Anyways, Psycho Power is based off of negative emotions. So hatred and rage are a pretty accurate source.


Lol BBCampbell that Avitar is scary lol

Does anyone have any predictions for Sagat? Will he go the game route and later become honerable? Or stay an evil cycloptic musclebag?? Will issue number 4 kick some booty? Heck yea :smiley:


here’s want I know from the games about Bison pyscho power.

1st: it increases his overall speed, strength and stamina.

2nd: it allows him to fly, teleport and Float in midair.

i think that’s about it.

capcom never really explan what bison powers were capable of.


He can also shoot out chi blasts with it, as well. Cover his limbs with it, and also shock people with it.

From what I remember reading, I think it’s sorta like the Force, or nearly all magic/energy. Bison uses the dark side, Rose uses the light side. Sorta like Akuma/Gouken…and junk. Yeah.


In Issue Zero, it remarks how at his core Sagat is a man of Honor, so I’m sure he will return to being the honorable Sagat he is now in the games sooner or later.

Using Japanese names, Vega tossed out the good side of himself and that created Rose, or this good energy affected a mother pregnant with Rose or something. (Think Piccolo from Drangon Ball Z) So Rose’s Soul Power is the direct opposite of Vega’s Psycho Power. Think of it as the difference between Hadou and Satsui No Hadou. After Vega’s body is destroyed in SFZ3, his Soul enters Rose’s body and his scientists transfer this newly combined soul with Rose’s to a new body for Vega. With Vega’s soul now back with Rose, he’s a lot weaker in SF2 then he was in the SFZ series. Gouki kills him and the Shun Goku Satsu attacks the soul, so chances are Rose and Vega’s Souls are gone for good.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see how the comic handles the Vega/Rose/Psycho Power Deal!


I would like to add that all of the Rose stuff is conjecture.

Finally picked up issue 3. Good stuff! I of course got the cover wtih Rose on it, even though the other one is more…street fightery. Yeah.

And I loved the “CHEAPSHOTS!” to death!


Hey Y’all!
This is my first post here.

I found out about the Streetfighter comic just last week when I saw #3 on the shelf. Luckily, my comic shop had #1 and #2 in reprints, so I was able to get all three issues. They are really good! I’m really excited about this ongoing Streetfighter comic!

I used to have Streetfighter on my old Sega System years ago. Over the last year, I discovered the wonderful Streetfighter Anime Movie and ended up buying all the SF DVDs… Series V, Code of Honor, Alpha Movie, etc. I also have picked up most of the Streetfighter/GI Joe figures from 1994 in the last year. I also had picked up SF Alpha 3 for my playstation.

So, it was really great/surprising to find issue #3 on the shelf last week! Great timing!

One thing that is peaking my interest is all this talk about official cannon? I only know Streetfighter from the DVDs, so it’s very surprising when people say that’s not cannon. Is there a place where I can read the official cannon? Is the Japanese and American cannon different?

Any word about new SF action figures coming for the 15th anniversary?!



Fan Fiction board is where YOU need to go. :smiley:

There you’ll find threads for Street Fighter and KOF. Also Rival Schools, but there’s nothing there really… Pity my sad little thread…

If you have a question, just ask.

Oh yeah, SFIIV is not canon (with one “n”) neither is the animated movie, the USA cartoon, the live action movie, the Alpha OAV, nor Capcom USA. :wink: