SF 3rd Strike arcade: selecting Gill

Hello to everyone! :slight_smile: Just saw someone playing Gill in SF3S at a local arcade somewhere here in the Philippines. I was kindly asking the dude how was he able to do it but he just went on like he didn’t hear anything. Simply uncool. :mad: Does anybody here know how to do it? Thanks very much! :smiley:

twelve’s 3rd super, xcopy, on gill

Yup, that’s the only way to become Gill in the arcade, unlike the Dc version you can’t select him in the Char. select screen which is kinda unfortunate but then again that would be damn cheap. hehehe

if that is what you saw Gammare how can you not tell? doesn’t it say twelve and there is a time metter under him…

Thanks guys for the reply! :slight_smile: Though I am not that sure if it was Twelve’s SAIII, the character he was using is also two-toned like the original Gill. He started from the character selection screen at first then selected characters in some order then :eek: Gill came out. hmmmm… :confused:

there WAS an arcade in my neighbourhood that put DCs inside those arcade cabinet… yea i know that’s cheap…

so u are actually playing DC instead of the real arcade thingy… then it’s possible to select Gill if u have beat the game w/ all characters… luckily that arcade is closed down…

How do u know when u got gill in the dc version cause i beat the game with everybody. and i dont know why i dont have gill. Also i messed with the system direction and took off blockiing does that like not give me gill. and the difficulty setting also??? oh yeah and how do u know which charecters u beat it with and how do u chooose the special costumes. THX:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

difficulty doesn’t matter, but system direction has to be on normal…

RE Unlocking Gill on DC version:

system direction has to be on normal, everything else doesn’t matter. You could set difficulty to 1 and number of rounds per match to 1 to unlock him fast(er).

When you do complete with all charcters, don’t freak out when he doesn’t appear on the character select screen. He’s OFF the screen, between Yun and Yang (move the cursor to either character and then push in the direction that will take you off screen)


How do u know the remaining characters to beat the game? I would swear i finished the game with all of them but i cant get Gill nor the hidden colors.

too bad you’ll just have to re=beat the game with everybody again if you can’t remember who you didn’t beat the game with.


It’s actually: “Let me be the blesser of all souls.” :stuck_out_tongue:

oh crap yea I forgot haha. kinda hard to hear also, whether you getting hit or watching your life chipped into a KO :mad:

you don’t have to beat it over again. just choose a character with start+lk if its not default colors reset and move on to the next character.

once you beat the game you can select alternate colors by pressing start+anything

for quick beating with some characters its best to also set damage on high particularly Necro, Alex, and ChunLi.

Ok, i THINK i beated the game with every character… I say so because i can select the hidden colours pressing start+ any button.

But still, cant select Gill. Whats going on?

Here is the deal this guy shoudlnt even have his own forum. You know why becasue he is merely a BONUS in the game when you accomplished all you can. ANYBODY CAN BE GOOD WITH GILL!! ANYBODY!! all you gotta do is mash and use his headbutt alot nevermind that ressurection BS.

How was that even relevant to this thread?

Well, I been reading all answers.
So, in the end “SF 3rd Strike arcade: selecting Gill” its only a dream :o :o :o

I hope somebody make a hack of SF3Strike like KOF2002 Plus or KOF2003 Hero