SF 4 Arcade Figth Stick on Windows 7

Need some help guys, heres the issue.


Have a Street fighter 4 Arcade stick, have blazblue CS running on a Windows 7 64 bit edition. Game runs fine no issues however, I cant get it to recognize the joysitck. When i plug the joystick into a mac or a windows ME or Vista type pc it is recognized as a sf 4 arcade fight stick, same goes for that on a windows 7 32 bit edition even the game recognizes it as the sf 4 arcade fight stick.

On the 64 bit edition it is being recognized as PS USB Wired Stick 8818. When i open op the config file for BBCS it is also recognized the same way.

Downloaded joy2key ver 3.7.4 tried to map joystick didnt work.
Downloaded drivers.

SF4 arcade stick is pretty vague tell us exactly which stick you have. Judging from it being recognized as the PS USB wired stick is it a PS3 SE/TE? Try to find a program called xpadder, it has an easier time finding joysticks. Also we need more detail into what the issue is, obviously your computer recognizes it. do the buttons not work, or the whole stick doesnt work?

im using the ps3 SE. and yes the entire stick does not work.

located xpadder ver 5.6 seems to be newest. im getting that now will post the results.

also called the madcatz support desk and basically got told go buy the xbox 360 SE fightstick they have all sorts of drivers for that one but nothing for the ps3. I said i dont own a 360 i own a ps3 why would i do that? and it was recognizeable on other versions of windows just not 64 bit windows 7. he said well we cant help you. GG.

I used xpadder and it works great!

Wow. You guys are really dumb regarding piracy

how did u get it to function? can you give me some detailed instructions?

I went to the control panel and went to the settings and i could not even calibrate the stick.

in xpadder you need to make the controller template and then you can start mapping the controls

can you break it down step by step or point me to a site that has the insructions on how to do that?