SF # 4 Impressions Thread (As usual, Spoilers)

Damn. That’s all I can say. Damn. This issue was amazing. It wasn’t just the artwork, or the Chun vs. Shadow fight. It was the attention to DETAIL! When Eliza called Guile her “Brother-in-law”, I realized the extent of research Udon must have done for this series. Dan was GREAT! Getting the shit beat out of him by SAKURA! Before she even began training! That was too good. It will be interesting to see what happens with Cammy now… And Sagat in a trenchcoat was too cool. The backup story was the best since issue 1. Keep up the good work, guys. I’ll be waiting to see what happens next issue.

Post your impressions here, people. Yes, I saw the other thread, but that was more on one topic of the issue, rather than general impressions. Of course, if the mods feel I’m repeating the topic, that’s their call.

Charlie did the sonic boom/flashkick trap to chun li! TOO GOOD!!! Issue #4 is bad ass. Can’t wait 'till 5.

Where can I get the chun li holiday cover?

I’ve got an extra #4 guile holo-foil to trade for a #2 ken holo cover.

great issue.


rose was quite a surprise.


the guile foil was nice, but bison is still my favorite so far.


this issue was great. i love how chunli moves were all signiture from the game.
the backup was really cool too.
i am confused about what happen to cammy. when did she get caught? i assume she failed a mission cuz, bison said he would kill her and charlie.
the only thing i didnt like was how shadow talked like a robot.

How much you wanna bet the Doc is gonna tell Eliza she’s pregnant, LOL! Ken’s Bachelor days are over!

That’s what I kinda figured happened. I just wonder if they’re gonna get hitched before or after Mel’s birth. Poor Mel may be a bastard!:lol:


i think you misunderstood bison meant he was going to kill both charlie and ryu himself since cammy was nowhere to be found.


They Screwed up what are you all talking about yes it was a great issue but since when was Dan a shotokan marshal artist … HE’S Saikyo the strongest marshal arts and Dan doesn’t fight that bad.

PS yes he did train under a Shotokan master but he left and then made his own style of fighting…

Well, Sak probably caught shoto in Dan’s site’s Google metatag which would probably attract more hits. :lol: That was just way too good…I was grinning and laughing my ass off at the whole scene.

“Making ass kicking an artform!”

Sag in the trenchcoat looks sweet. BALROG better get his own coat. Come to think of it, Ken’s got a tight coat on too…seems Udon gives all the badass characters coats. Naturally, Dan better be getting a pink fur coat by the end of the story.

Ryu: …SAGAT!!!

Sagat: crouches (we all know where this is going)

But I thought Bison said he was gonna fuck up Ryu on his own?

No letters page?

Yes I expect to see Crouching Fp’s which ownz all in the next issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure that wasn’t made up I never heard of that storyline from the games :S

It’s true. Check any SF canon guide on the net.

Hey, I got #4 and I really liked it!

I especially liked the back up story with Guile being saved. It’s always great how the back up stories are tying in with the regular stories.

I don’t much care about Dan, so I thought that was some funny comic relief, but maybe a little over the top to be beat up by an untrained girl?

I like the Sagat Cover…my favorite so far.

I’m still kinda new here.
I mainly know streetfighter from the DVDs, streetfighter animated movie, V series, american cartoons, Alpha Movie, etc.

I’ve been looking around different SF websites and I found this website link which fills in a lot of continuity that I didn’t know…

I think the most shocking things that I found out were that Cammy is a clone of Bison and that Bison dies? It says that Bison may not be dead or may return, and I hope that’s the case, because he’s my favorite Streetfighter character.

Could someone fill me in with this business about dolls?? What are they, where do they fit in?


thanks for the heads up on the christmas edition of #4 -


But i have to buy the bust to get it? $40, oi.

Issue 4 was cool!
Chun-Li’s back+fierce was too good!!:smiley:
but i was totally expected to see Ryu fight Sagat tho.
keep up the good work Udon, cant wait till issue 5 now, dammit

Haha, canada gets issues before the US, yay!

Best. Backup story. Ever.

So far anyway.


Tiamat’s FAQ

If your question isn’t answered in there, there is no answer.

oh for the love of god dont ever mention those horrid streetfighter alpha three storyline where they butchered cammy! hopefully the streetfighter comic will ignore this injustice to cammy.

I died when I saw Sagat at the end!!! And the Chun-li fight Vs. Charlie, so badass. And the back up story was great too. This is by far the hoest comic out there and I can’t wait for more!

Dan tries to be Sakura’s master? Dan and Sakura fight? I wonder if Dan and Blanka will be the best of friends in coming issues? Or maybe Karin will show up and kick Sakura’s ass? Oh wait, those sound like another comic. A comic based on a game with parts based on a manga based on the same game. My head hurts.

Edit: By the way, I’m not criticizing the book; I love it. It’s just weird how this worked out.

Anyway, I still don’t understand how Cammy ended up in Rose’s possession but hopefully it will be explained in a backup story or something.