SF 4: Mississippi (ps3)

Sup to all southern sf4 gamers… I decided to make this thread because I dont see one for the ps3 console… I also wanted to see was there anyone playing streetfighter 4 in mississippi on the ps3/xbox console… if you are leave ya gamertag i would like to add ya on my list and hopefully compete with offline one day

by the way mine is Ruthless_Brothaz

Hey, glad to see another sf4 ms player! You don’t see that every day lol
So what part of MS your from? there is a few I know that are pretty good here in south ms.

I only have it only 360 =/

i don’t live in mississippi but i willing to play my psn id is big_nasty

Ok… I forgot I made this thread anyways Im from Canton, MS… What about urself
Nasty I added u

North MS here. Also on 360.

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